Dublin in winter

Library of Trinity College

After we visited Galway we brought my mother to Dublin and got to be “first time tourists” with her. This included a visit to Trinity College to have a look at the book of Kells and the library where they filmed some scenes from the Harry Potter movies.

Library of Trinity College

Trinity College campus

Trinity College

It was quite cold and I didn’t take a lot of photos, but we walked around to see a lot and had a very enjoyable time.

St.Stephen’s Green shopping centre ready for Christmas

Mandatory beer in Temple Bar


49 thoughts on “Dublin in winter

  1. What a gorgeous library, a place to easily spend a whole day! 😉

  2. Nancy says:

    That library is glorious looking!

    Those beers were a perfect ending to a perfect day!

  3. chape says:

    The St.Stephen’s Green shopping center brings me a lot of memories!! The NBA store is still open there?? 😀
    Big hugs!!

  4. That library looks warm and inviting, and what a mall. Enormous looking it is!

  5. Yes, we loved that library and just stood for what seemed like ages just staring. What I loved about it this library was the fact that it still used by students or other people for research.

  6. Oh my god. Looks magical. I love reading and now you helped me add a place to my bucket list.

  7. I love Dublin. I was there over Halloween one year and they had a very spooky a capella vocal concert in the library! Definitely somewhere I want to revisit

  8. The pictures are wonderful. Hoping to make it there some day soon.

  9. Phil Taylor says:

    I’ve never been to Dublin, but years ago I was gifted a Trinity College sweatshirt, so it was cool to see the pictures of it!

  10. Fantastic photographs and a lovely wee jaunt round Dublin. Thanks

  11. Anindya says:

    Dublin in winter looking ethereal….hope you had a lovely time there….the pictures are great ….

  12. Love Dublin at Xmas so much x I don’t know if you watch Ripper Street but I once saw them filming it in Trinity ☃️

  13. I was in Dublin a few years ago and loved the library and the city. THanks for some memories.

  14. arv! says:

    I hope to visit Dublin someday…especially in winters if I can survive the cold! …LoL! I want to visit the famous bars too

  15. Gary says:

    Now that is the library I want; well maybe not as large, but a raft of oak shelves in casings that can accommodate my books. Need more space or maybe a garage conversion. Lovely place is Dublin and a pint of the black stuff is a solid way to end the day 🙂

  16. Snuffy says:

    Oh, I’d never leave the library! I hope to visit Ireland some day and I will definitely add this to my list of places to stop!

  17. rachaelstray says:

    Dublin is a gorgeous city to visit. I’ve only been once but definitely want to visit again.

  18. I love a warm-wood old library in chilly weather! My all-too-brief stops in Ireland included mandatory Guiness sampling tours in pubs, and paying my respects to James Joyce, but looks like I stopped exploring way too early.

  19. Oriana says:

    I’ve never been to Dublin ! It looks like a lovely city to visit, I should go ! Thanks for sharing 😊

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