Rant Post

Not my lucky day this morning. To be fair it was not as slippery outside as I was yesterday, but it was cold and dark. But there was a hailstorm and lightning. And of course my bus choose this day to be quite late. Not that public transportation being late, at least in rush hours, should come as a surprise to me. But as I come on at my bus first stop I’ve never actually experienced this bus being more than a minute late for my stop since I moved a month ago. It’s probably my own fault for saying that public transportation had gotten better lately in my previous post. Well, if this is what you wanted, universe, I’m now ranting about transportation. The bus was approximately 15 minutes late and came around the same time as the one going after. If this had meant that I would be arriving 15 minutes later at work I wouldn’t mind too much, but as I deliberately take the bus that leaves before the worst traffic in the morning, the bus being late resulted in me being stuck on the motorway longer and I was at work 30 minutes later than usual. And I got hail in my hair and was cold, which is probably the main reason why I felt like ranting about this in the first place.

But it could have been worse. I got a seat and the people around me did not smell bad. As usual in the morning (with some annoying exceptions) people don’t make too much noise and the trip is kind of relaxing. A huge plus, when you’re stuck in traffic is that you can actually use the transportation time to, sleep, read or relax and listen to music.

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