Go Norways Handball Men

Had the lazy day I hoped I would have today. Slept for 12 hours and woke up refreshed. I read a bit and made sure my home looked a bit nicer. Went for a walk in the fog and did some shopping.

Now I’m ready to watch Norway play Macedonia in the handball world championship. I really hope our boys win this game and take us to the next round. They really are quite likable and well liked here in Norway. So I’ve found some popcorn and a beer.

So Go Norway – or Heia Norge as we say here.

Friday feeling 

Weekends are always something I’m looking forward to, but this weekend the feeling of elevation was extra strong this week. I’ve been a little tired over the week and the thought of not having to be up early for two days in a row!

Last week I went out to enjoy a lovely meals that I did not have to make myself. I went to an italian resturant I like to go to from time to time.

White pizza with reindeer meat, pommegranade, buffalo mozzarella and mushroom

I went for a white pizza with reindeer meat, pommegranade, buffalo mozzarella and mushroom, called Snøhetta. It was really good and left med very full!

I started my friday by dropping by the library and picking up some books to read instead of watching the inaguration of the US new president… 

Weekend feeling

Sushi and passionfruit beer makes a good start to the weekend

It’s weekend again! And for me it’s a weekend in between a lot of busy times. Som this weekend is all about relaxing and doing some of the things I feel guilty for not doing when I’m busy. The facts that a lot of the things are enjoyable is just a great bonus.

So I started off leaving work a little earlier than I had anticipated. And I went to get some lovely sushi and treated myself to a lovely craft beer with passionfruit. I did a few things that needed doing and the just relaxed on the couch before meeting up with some friends at the pub for a couple.

Today is  a slow morning, enjoying my coffee, reading some blogg posts before we’re going out for brunch later. Thank it’s up to my mums house to help her with a few things and get nice food. The Norwegian men’s  handball team are playing in the world championship som we will enjoy the game on the couch.

And som far there is nothing much planned for Sunday! Ah, I love weekends like this.

Hope your weekend is treating you as well as mine seem to be treating me.

Holiday to Crete part 5: Food

Meze platter

We had a lot of good food on our holiday to Crete. A few times we decided to go for at Meze platter with loads of different nice item. Including the moussaka, the lamb kleftiko and the beef stifado. I also tried the local white and rose wine. It was very good with the food and it was perfect in the heat.

Lovely seafood resturant

Sometimes for breakfast and at lunch time I don’t have too big an appetite in the heat. But bread with olive tapenade, olive oil and olives are always tasty.

I always got to try some nice fish and calamari. The seafood was fresh and nice so close to the sea I usually try to taste some of it.

Sometimes life requires some sparklers in your ice cream

When you are on holiday it’s important to treat yourself to some nice ice cream. And a few of them came with sparklers and other nice decorations. I enjoyed it a lot except for when I accidentally touched one of the sparklers before it cooled down. Luckily I had some aloe vera in case of sun burns, and I only got a small blister.

One of many nice places to eat

There was also a lot of orange trees and the orange juice you got was fresh and nice.

I enjoy good food and drink and Crete was most definitively a good spot to visit for getting it. It was the icing on the cake on a lovely vacation.

Holiday to Crete part 4: Chania


Beach promenade in Chania.

The nearest town from Agia Marina of some size is Chania. I was not to impressed with this town when we got there as it was warm and chaotic. My travel companion prefers to take one of the hop-on-hop-off bus when we visit a new place. We found out that they had one and decided to use it to see the city. If you go to Chania and are considering doing the same I have a piece of advice; Don’t do it! It ran seldom and did not take us anywhere interesting.


View of Chania


When we finally got off the bus, not very happy with the day so far, we walked by the sea. This was quite a nice walk and we got to see the most beautiful parts of the town.


Venetian harbour

We walked all along the Venetian harbour and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and some good seafood from one of the many restaurants in the harbour .

As we had spent so much time on the bus tour we did not have so much time to go have a look in shops, but I did find a lovely little leather handbag. We were tired when we got on the bus to go back to Agia Marina, but luckily this local bus ran often and didn’t take to long to bring us back to the hotel.

Holiday to Crete part 3: Platanias 

View from a lovely restaurant at the top of Platanias

Since the stats show that people enjoy some travel posts and since I enjoy them too, I am continuing to post from my vacations.

Lovely panoramic view at the restaurant

When we stayed in Agia Marina in Crete we walked in to the town of Platanias a few evenings to have a look at the town and to enjoy some good meals. One evening we dined at a lovely panoramic restaurant at the top of a hill. And the view of the sunset was gorgeous. The food and wine was ok too.

Main street in Platanias

I visited a few little local shops and brought home some lovely products from Crete.

A treet in the middle of the road

Some of the things I found quite charming was this tree that grew in the middle of the road. The bortom was painted  white and the cars had to drive around it on a narrow road on a steep hill.

Another resturant with Orange trees as a “roof”