We now enter October and summer is most defenetly over and autumn is really here. As the end of September brought the autumnal equinox the days are now shorter than the nights. And here up north we have lovely bright summer nights, but we also have very dark winters and autumns.

October does not look like it will be a more quiet month than the previous two. But yet again it looks like it will be busy, but filled with a lot of interesting and fun.

I start off October by recording a test piece with my band to see if we can qualify to play in a better section next National Championship. We are not too concerned with weather we qualify or not, but it was a good thing to have on the program at the start of the season.

Next weekend I am going to be mad of honour at a wedding a few hours away. The balchelorette party I held for the bride-to-be last week was very fun and the bride-to-be and all the guests seemed to enjoy. I plan to take a car up to the wedding and make a little road trip out of it.

My work will also require me to travel a little this month. I will be doing new things that I have not done too much of yet. I am very much looking forward to this.

I wish you all a great month ahead!


Crete part 3: The Little Fun Train

Like a proper tourist I decided to go for one of the trips on The Little Fun Train. I went on one last year and enjoyed it at lot. This year I went for a trip called Hidden Treasures.

Our first stop was at a local winery in a small village called Vatolakos we tasted local wine outside an old Cretan house at the Monousakis family winery that has won european awards for their quality and taste.

Most of the trip went through the orange and olive groves, there was also avocado and pommegranades grown.

It was quite an interesting scenery we got to see on our ride with the cute little train.

After this the train drive us to a monastary on the hillside of Varipeto where we got to visit the Greek Orthodox monastary of Metamorphosis.

The monastary had quite an amazing view. And it was a very interesting place to visit.

On our way home we had a quick stop at a local farmer selling freshly squeezed orange juice!

All in all it was a great ride even if my behind has sat in better seats that those on the train.

Crete part 2: Boat trip

When if I am spending most of the time in Crete relaxing, swimning and enjoying the sun I have done a few tourist things. Like going on a bit trip. The day I was actually going the trip was canceled due to too much wind. But on the second try the weather was on my side.

The boat went out to and around an island just outside the coast that is now a nature reserve. People are only allowed to go out there for one day of the year. The island is the home to the Kri Kri goats that are very important to the creatans.

On the boat trip we had two stops for swimning and snorkling. The first one was in a lovely little bay. The water was very lovely.

After the first stop a diver that had been with the boat came back to us from a diving trip to show us what he found in the sea.

He found a few sea cucumbers, a brittle starfish, sea urchin and some shell. He did let them safely back in to the sea after he had shown them to us.

He also found an octopus. I sat quite near when he showed it to us and much to everyone elses amusement it squirted ink all over me.

Hope you’re all enjoying your week!