Getting more fit!

At work we have joined an initiativ to cycle or walk to work. For those of you who has been following me a while you know that I have no problem walking the 280 meters to work. But the point is to get people to get a bit more active in the everyday and you are to log all your work outs and you can win great prizes! You can join a team with up to four others from your company. An among  those on my team there are quite a few that is quite competative. This has given me a little kick behind to start logging my walks with an app that comunicates with the competition page.


Out walking in every weather

It also encourage me to get out even if the weather is not the best and to walk a little further and longer. Today I we already been out walking for one and a half hour. I’m hoping to see some results of this, not only for the sake of the competition, but also for my health and form before the summer.

Today my man comes home to me and I have a concert with my band and a few others at a nearby pub! Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend as much as me!


Happy birthday to me!

Today is my 30’th birthday!  Turning 30 feel no different than any other birthday except for all the extra attention. I have had a lovely celebration with good friends and another with family. Today I will go out for a nice meal with my parents.


Some of my gifts

Some of my gifts were for concerts and nice food with friends. So I can look forward to some continued good times in the future!


Cheers from the birthday girl

Hope you’re all doing well!

Sunshine Days


Swans and Birds lazing on the lawn in town

The sun has been shining on Stavanger lately and I’m enjoying a lot. Spring has really hit our part of the world. Walking around enjoying and soaking up all the vitamin D charging my batteries.  And it’s bringing a lovely temperatur.


I am on a hunt for a costume for a 90 ‘ s  party that I’m going to this weekend for my friends 30’th birthday. I think it could be fun as there are plenty of great people comming.


Life is smiling and so am I, even if I have way to much food!

Hope life is smiling to you all! I know I am on a sunshine high!

Blog Anniversary and Guest Post Competition

Have something to say and want to reach new people. Join the contest at Suzie Speaks!

Suzie Speaks


I received my notification from WordPress this morning that it was three years ago that I signed up Suzie Speaks and published my very first post.

I wrote a post a while ago that I planned to publish today, but decided against it – I wouldn’t be saying anything my regular readers haven’t heard before. Instead I’ve decided to make my blogiversary (yes Phil, I’m using that word) an opportunity for someone else, and I’m launching a competition to win a guest post spot here on Suzie Speaks.

It’s been a long time since I had a guest post on the blog, and the winner will be given the chance to have one of their articles published here on a Sunday of their choice, which is my biggest day for traffic. Suzie Speaks has a readership of over 15,000 people, and their post will be also promoted all across my…

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Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 6: St. Stephen’s Green


Shopping Centre

When I was in Dublin I arranged to meet a friend who lives there and as we had agreed to meet up at St. Stephen’s Green I took the opportunity to look around the shops and the park.


Lovely park

I enjoyed the area and my friend and I had a great time in one of the pubs nearby where we consumed good beer and food. There are plenty of people around the shops and in the area, but it seemed that there wasn’t so many tourists in the pubs in the area. I might have been lucky or all of them was in the Temple Bar area.


Flowers reminding us that it's spring!

Being home again and back to work I can look back on a lovely time in beautiful Ireland. But as much as I enjoyed my trip it’s also good to be home and back to work and everyday life.


Dublin's wall of fame