Photos from home 2

When I first moved in to my apartement it was quite unpersonal  and actually tidy.

When I moved in

Now that I have lived here a while it’s starting to feel more like home. But with that comes a lot of mess, me being how I am.

More personal an homy livingroom.
More personal an homy livingroom.

I like it better this way. Now all I need is a new lamp. But as I have problems finding out what I want I’ll just have to stick to the candles.

Thank goodness I tidied up a bit in my livingroom this morning as I got a spontaneus visit from a friend. I also need to tidy up the rest of my apartement as my dad’s coming over for dinner here on the norwegian father’s day tomorrow. Having guests over is really a great way of actually getting you’re place tidy and clean. I should have them more often.