Weekend again

It’s weekend again, my favourite time of the week. Don’t get me wrong the rest of this week has been very good, but weekend is almost always a high. I started the weekend by babysitting which was relaxing.

Today I’ve been doing a lot of laundry and I went shopping for some things I needed. So now I have wet clothes all around my apartment. As I was almost out of coffee I needed to go to the Nesspresso store. This is a relatively new store here in my town. There was one in the city I used to live in when I was studying, but the I did no own a machine and had no need to shop there. I love going into this shop. Even if there are a lot of people in there they always make the shopping a great experience. The service is excellent, the staff is knowledgable and the coffee is really good. I usually get the same couple of coffees, Fortissio Lungo,  Arpeggio and Dharkan. But today I tasted the Chiccorosso and decided I wanted to get a few of those as well, as a dessert coffee.

I obviously did not remember all the things I was going to get today, I was supposed to remember to buy some flowers for Christmas, but I guess I can get them later.

Now I’m going to get ready for a birthday party 🙂


Christmas Calendar

My mum and dad stopped by to give me a Christmas Calendar today. I LOVE IT! Can’t wait till I get to open the first present. I’m so lucky 🙂

Best calendar ever!

Best calendar ever!

Christmas Workshop

Today we had a Christmas workshop with my department at work. First we had a department meeting. Then we got to make chocolates!

Chocolates in the making

Chocolates in the making

When the chocolates where cooling off we ate a lovely Christmas dinner. Stuffed with traditional Norwegian christmas food we had some flower decorators teaching us to make decorations for our doors. Those of you who know me might think that this would be disastrous. But I had help and the result was no too bad.

Door decoration, made by me!

Door decoration, made by me!

Younger me

Someone is preparing a quiz for work where we got asked to send in a picture of ourselves from before we were five. So I figured I could just as well post it here as well just in case some of you were wondering what I looked like as a child. So under is me on the playground at 1,5 years. Those where the days 🙂


Maja 1,5 years old

Lazy weekend

Following the party on friday I’ve had a quiet weekend. I’ve spent most of the time relaxing being very aware that I’m not as young as I used to be and as a result I take longer to recover from a party than before. But I guess I’ve always known this would happen as I got older.

Today I’ve also been at a party. A very different one from the one on friday, mind you. My cousin’s son was 2 and this was celebrated in style! The birthday boy was extremely happy with all his presents, especially a garbage truck. And the cake and cinnamon buns was also a huge hit.

The only other thing I managed to get done this weekend, apart from the partying was to wash some clothes, just to make myself feel better about not doing much. It was about time to, because my hamper was full and my closet started to get a bit empty. So now I think I’ll spend a little more time on the couch and go to bed early as I’m still a bit tired, but hey, we all need to relax from time to time.

It’s the most wonderfull time of the year (or something)

Went shopping today. Trying to find something to wear at the Christmas party we’re having at work tomorrow. I could not find anything. Hopefully some of the clothes in my closet will fit, but I have a feeling half of them are too big and the other half to small. Normally I would not care too much about this, but it seems like everyone at work has been planing what to wear for a long time and are taking this very seriously.

Anyway I bet it’s going to be a fun party even if I have to wear an old garbage bag, because I couldn’t find something else. At least I’ll put make-up on. That will be very different from what I look like at the office even though the dresses I wear there are probably just as plain as the one I’ll end up with for tomorrow. The pre-party will be nice and Prosecco will be served. The food at the party will probably be good, as will the wine. I know that the people I work with are mostly lovely and I bet their significant others are as well. I hope the entertainment is good and that there will be a killer after party. All in all I’m pretty lucky to get to go to a party like this and I know I should not be whining about a stupid little thing like what to put on and the fact that I feel like crap, mainly due to my cold. But as you witnessed above I did.