Opening a Stadium

The track and field part of the stadium and car park

The track and field part of the stadium and car park

Being part of a band you are sometimes called upon to play on important occasions where they feel they need someone to play. So this Sunday I set off to Ålgård, in the local community of my band, to play at the official opening of their new large athlete stadium. They now have a new football stadium and some training fields and also a great stadium for track and field. With good wardrobes and seating required

Football stadium with the club motto

Football stadium with the club motto

At the opening, in addition to the band, the Mayor and the leader of the sports board gave speeches, the teams and groups whom are getting to use the new stadiums marched in to the field with their flags and the kids had a chance to win medals by trying out different sports.

Flags in the wind

Flags in the wind

The weather was sunny, but a bit windy so it was a bit difficult to see the sheet music, but the gig went ok and we got a lot of applause. And as I sat in the car to drive home the rain started, I was thankful that didn’t happen only moments before!


Meet and Greets Everywhere!

Today I’ve come across not just one Meet and Greet, but three! I’m not going to give you advice on joining Meet and Greets to grow your blog, many others will do that way better than me. To me Meet and Greets are a great way of finding new blogs and posts, communicating with new people through comments as well as getting the chance to share my posts with new readers!

Over at Dream Big Dream Often you get not just one, but three opportunities to share your posts and meet others! Meet and Greet, leave a link for him to reblog and connect on social media.

Jason at A Good Blog is Hard to Find continues to help others help themselves to share their work and find new posts and blogs to enjoy!

Anna is overwhelmed by getting 700 followers and has decided to celebrate by having a Meet and Greet over at her blog! Join in on the fun and discover great new people and posts.

I very much recommend you go visit and socialize at the meet and greets, should you find some spare time! A great weekend to you all!

New Beginning

I have been living on cloud nine since I found out I got the new job! Not just because now having a full time job will be much better for my economy, but also because I got a job I wanted. One that seem interesting and will allow me to learn new things and to develop and grow. Having changed jobs quite a lot over the last years I know that it won’t be all rosy. There are always things about your job that you will enjoy more and things that you will care less for than other things. And when starting a new job there are so many new impressions and new things to learn that you’ll be quite tired when you get home. But if this job is half as good as I have reason to believe it will be I will very much thrive at the new place. The fact that my new workplace is located two minutes from my house, on foot, will provide me with more time in the everyday than I have now, when I spend around 1,5 hours commuting to work and home again, depending on the queues.

Enjoying a nice sandwich, a lovely juice and a good book!

Enjoying a nice sandwich, a lovely juice and a good book!

Knowing that I will soon have a full time job has also made me appreciate the days during the week I don’t go to work. I don’t have to constantly check to see if there are any available jobs to apply to and write my applications. There is no more waiting for an answer back after I sent anything in. So now I’m just enjoying my time off. To congratulate me with my new job, my mum took me out to a nice lunch and treated me to a lovely pair of new shoes to wear around the office (and everywhere else I might want to wear them). We had a very nice time, eating, shopping and talking. Today I woke up and found out that the bread I intended on eating for breakfast had gone beyond stale, but instead of it getting me down I saw it as a sign I should  get a nice sandwich and a tasty freshly made juice on my way to the store to get some new bread.

Life is smiling at the moment and I hope this feeling will last for quite some time! Hope life is treating you all very well!

Great News and Wonderful Food

I got some really great news at the end of the work week. They offered me the job I most wanted of all the ones I have applied for! I have been waiting for news on this for quite some time and as I accepted their offer I can’t say what emotion was stronger, happiness from getting the job or the feeling of relief over not having to wait any longer! They are both really great feelings!

Free breakfast to the people of Stavanger!

Free breakfast to the people of Stavanger!

Today there was a free breakfast given to all the people who stopped by town to get some. This was organized by a lot of local groups and businesses and had organic, locally produced food and fair trade food. It was really tasty and a very nice present to give to the town. It was much appreciated by all and a lot of thankful, happy faces was to be seen enjoying the lovely food served!

Serving food to the masses

Serving food to the masses

Afterwards I decided to celebrate my new job some more by treating myself to some of the food at the food hall in Stavanger. I came home with some of the most tasty mini tomatoes I’ve ever had, some wonderful cheese fresh from the producer in the neighbourhood and some snack salamies! It’s fair to say I’m all smiles at the moment.

Entrance to the food hall

Entrance to the food hall

If you have some time on your hands I recommend you go over to Janice at Mostly Blogging and join in at her great Meet and Greet. It’s a lovely way of meeting new bloggers and finding something new and interesting to read!

I hope you all have a weekend as wonderful as mine!

A Great Start To The New Week

Yesterday was local and regional election here in Norway. I did my civic duty and went to vote at my local polling station. The local elections usually have quite a lower turnout than the national ones I don’t know if it was better or worse than usual. I hope they where a bit higher than the last time, because turning up to vote is an essential part of having a working democracy.

Positive doors- Doors with positive qoutes

Positive doors- Doors with positive quotes

After voting i had a rare opportunity to be lazy, have a great dinner and helping to do something good. It might sound too good to be true, but a great Pakistani restaurant, Zouq, in my neighbourhood gave away all the money coming in yesterday to help the refugees from Syria. This is a quite popular place to eat and get take away from and yesterday was really busy, but I have never seen a queue this long where people seemed happy to wait, chatting amongst each other about how nice it was that there was such a good turnout.

Colorful fishing equipment

Colorful fishing equipment

And it looks very much like my waiting, that I have been complaining so much about in previous posts, is soon coming to an end! I was in such a cheerful mood monday evening that I decided to go out and enjoy a few beers with a good friend who was back in town.

If the week continues on a similar track I’m going to count myself very lucky. I hope all of you will have a great week too!

Randoms and recommendations

Kevin at Newauthoronline has a new collection of poetry out, I have my hands on it and can’t wait to get started! The Girl Who Wasn’t There and other poems can be found here, the below is the description from the amazon page:

The great Oscar Wilde remarked, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”.
Many of the poems in this collection portray people struggling in life’s gutter.
“Lonely men of a certain age” hear the voices of young women and yearn for something beyond “sterile sitting rooms”, while to the prostitute, its all about “handbags and shoes”, even if her “choice” leads to the woman “drowning in booze”.
Anyone who likes dark poetry will, it is hoped, gain something from this collection.

The street known as "the colored street" is 10 years old!

The street known as “the colored street” is 10 years old!

I have to get to reading this immediately, because in a very short while another book I want to read will be out. C.S. Boyack over at Entertaining Stories has a book coming out very soon. The Experimental Notebook of C.S Boyack might not be out just yet, but it can be pre-ordered here. The description on amazon says:

A speculative fiction selection of micro-fiction and short stories. These were designed to be short reads for your commute, coffee break, and other times when readers are pressed for time. This book contains a bit of science fiction, some fantasy, and paranormal stories.

I’m excited to see short fiction returning in popularity. I hope you will enjoy these stories as much as I did.

Tour to look at the new street art. Photo from my window.

Tour to look at the new street art. Photo from my window.

Last but not least The Opinionated Man, Jason, needs help to find his sister! Jason is usually better at helping others than asking for help, so if sharing his link can in any way help him out in any way, I’m happy to do it. If it doesn’t help at least it can’t hurt.

The Geo-Park

Going to hang out outside down by the sea for a while today and enjoy the sunshine and some good company! This cool park will be among the places to visit.

The thoughts and life of me

Geopark Geo-park

The weather has been lovely lately and I have taken the opportunity to go out for a few walks. I walked past the Geo-Park the other day and I was reminded of how much I like the idea of this playground/park in the city centre.

Pipeline Pipeline

The park is filled with stuff from the oil industry that is not in use any more. It’s located right outside the oil museum, Stavanger being the oil capital in Norway. All the stuff has been donated by various oil companies and they are given a new life in the park. And it’s very popular with the children of all ages. You can, among many things jump on big orange buoys, crawl through a pipeline, play beach volleyball or hide under a big GPR cover in the rain.

WP_000820 Beach volley

I think this is a very good way to find use for all…

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