Sunday Afternoon Swim

The weather here has been lovely lately so I have been a little absent. It’s said to turn now so I had to enjoy it while it was there.

Sunday afternoon I was so warm I just had to cool down. So I headed to Badedammen, a place to swim close by. Having been packed earlier in the day the kids had for the most part gone home and I got to enjoy a little peace and quiet.  


Pokemon Go 

Yes, I have to admit that I have downloaded Pokemon Go. I’m still not sure it’s quite something for me, but I decided to se what all the fuss was about. 

The reason I wanted to have a go at it was that I thought it was juni of cool when I walked outside and noticed people who looked like they hadn’t seen daylight in quite some time walking around talking to stranger about a game…

Hope your all enjoying your weekend!  With or without pokemons 

Weekend Again 

It has been a very varied weekend. I’ve spent much time with family and I also found the time to go for some nice beer and cider with friends. The weather has been as varied as the things I have been up to. We got lucky enough with the weather when we where out and got to sit outside enjoying nice bevrages and good company. 

Today my aunt bought my whole family to a very lovely Sunday lunch bufet. They had an amazing selection of food and an excellent desert table that left me incabable of moving about much for the rest of the day. So the there is not any other plans for the rest of this weekend! And as the rain is pouring down, I’m enclined to say that the weather agrees with my planning. 

Back at Work 

I’ve now been been back at work for a full week. And a very busy week it’s been too! It was a good thing I had two weeks off to recharge my batteries. I’m glad I had a good time and are left with good memories to get me through the busy time

Hope your all enjoying your summer and that you’re all making memories to get you through the rest of the year!

Ulriken, Bergen


One of the two carts

The day after our first tour around Bergen we decided to go up another of Bergen’s seven mountains, Ulriken. This is a taller mountain with it’s 643 meters above sea level.


View of the Mountains at the top

To get up we took the cable carts that are called Perle and Bruse. The weather was a little cloudy, but quite good.


Photo of the cable cart towers

When we got to the top we had lunch at the lovely restaurant that serves local food. If I wasn’t driving I would have tried one of the local beer.


Smoked salmon salad

As we sat eating the wind started acting up and there was quite the amount of fog comming in a long with rain.


Looking down on Bergen

So when we were going down the cable carts was stopped due to the wind. We had to wait for about two hours for the wind to have calmed down enough for it to be safe for us to take it down again.


Me at the top

It wasn’t the best trip down from there I’ve had. Dangling in the cart not being able to see much. But it was completely safe and we where happy to come down.


View on the way down

Fløyen, Bergen


Entrance to Fløybanen

Bergen is known for being the city between 7 Mountains. On our trip we went up to the two most famous ones. One of them is Fløyen. It has a funicular railway going up to the top. It’s an easy hike, but we didn’t have too much time and it’s quite nice to take get up in a cart. 


On Fløybanen

Once you get up there you have a lovely view of the town. The view point is 320 meters above sea level. We got lucky and didn’t have to wait to long in line to go up. Fløybanen is open all year from early morning to late at night and only takes 5-6 minutes to the top.


View from the top