Dublin in winter

Library of Trinity College

After we visited Galway we brought my mother to Dublin and got to be “first time tourists” with her. This included a visit to Trinity College to have a look at the book of Kells and the library where they filmed some scenes from the Harry Potter movies.

Library of Trinity College

Trinity College campus

Trinity College

It was quite cold and I didn’t take a lot of photos, but we walked around to see a lot and had a very enjoyable time.

St.Stephen’s Green shopping centre ready for Christmas

Mandatory beer in Temple Bar


Galway in winter

Two people kayaking in Galway bay

Earlier this month we took a trip to Ireland with my mother to show her the country and introduce her to my man’s family. The country decided to show itself from a very good side for some of the time, but as it was the start of November it was a bit of wind, rain and hail along the sunshine.

River Corrib

We spent a few days in the west of the country and enjoyed the lovely town of Galway and surrounding areas. We did a bit of looking around, ate good food and went to quite a few good pubs.

One of the nice pubs we visited in Galway.

We had a very good time and enjoyed ourself a lot. 

Beef and Guinness stew

Wedding in Sauda

Sauda fjordhotell

I was a maid of honour at my friends wedding last weekend. The wedding took place at an old hotell in a small place called Sauda. The hotell is located in beautiful suroundings and we were lucky enough to get a room facing the fjord.

View from the hotell

Sauda is a place locateded deep in a fjord and it has quite a beautiful scenary. The town itself is built largely around a big smelting factory of old that is still running today. As you can see from the photos the mountains by the fjord are quite tall and on the night of the wedding the first snow of the year came down on the highest mountains.

One of the places we stopped to take photos

It was a beautiful day for the wedding and we there was loads of fun, tears and laughter. Good food and good company. All the guests and the Bride and Groom seemed very happy. 

Close-up of the flowers


Waterfall from the start of the walk

Last Sunday the weather was lovely and we decided to stop for a little walk on our way down from the wedding.

As we were close to Svandalsfossen, a lovely waterfall, we thought it would be nice to walk up to have a look.

The waterfall is at it’s most impressive when the snow on the mountains are melting, but I thought it was a great slight in autumn as well. It sure was noisy enough!


We now enter October and summer is most defenetly over and autumn is really here. As the end of September brought the autumnal equinox the days are now shorter than the nights. And here up north we have lovely bright summer nights, but we also have very dark winters and autumns.

October does not look like it will be a more quiet month than the previous two. But yet again it looks like it will be busy, but filled with a lot of interesting and fun.

I start off October by recording a test piece with my band to see if we can qualify to play in a better section next National Championship. We are not too concerned with weather we qualify or not, but it was a good thing to have on the program at the start of the season.

Next weekend I am going to be mad of honour at a wedding a few hours away. The balchelorette party I held for the bride-to-be last week was very fun and the bride-to-be and all the guests seemed to enjoy. I plan to take a car up to the wedding and make a little road trip out of it.

My work will also require me to travel a little this month. I will be doing new things that I have not done too much of yet. I am very much looking forward to this.

I wish you all a great month ahead!