Things to look forward to!

Royal Marine Hotel

Royal Marine Hotel

When your significant other is from another place than you it follows that you need to spend some of your holidays visiting family and friends where they are from. For me this other “home” is Ireland and that suits me fine. I really enjoy to visit the emerald isle and the wonderful people over there.

This easter we’re going back to visit and I can’t wait. A 10 days stay in the middle of april has all the markings of a lovely stay. I have already booked a few nights at The Royal Marines Hotel, where I stayed last year. And had a lovely time.



It’s lovely to have something good to look forward to especially since I’ve been feeling off all week.

Weekend in Bergen 

Bergen harbour

Last weekend in Bergen I had a very good time. I got to see a lot of good people and I participated in the Norwegian Brass Band Championship. 

We did not manage to do our best preformance on stage, but in the end we got 5th place out of 15 in our section.

Rapunzel cake for the birthday girl

I even found the time to go to my friends daughter’s birthday party. And enjoy some time in the company of friends I don’t get to see often enough and have good cake at the same time.

Let the busy times come!

Minion quotes 01

A good thing to think about when you feel inadequate

I’m going in to a very busy time of year. Garantert it has been quite busy for some time, but we’re are re-organising at work. And in a little more than a week I’m going to Bergen to play at the National Brass Band Championship.

Both are things I’m looking forward to quite a lot, so I don’t mind being busy this time. But I am also looking forward to when it will all calm down a bit. At the moment I keep feeling a bit inadequate at times, when I don’t have enough time to do everything at once, even if I know that I am doing my best and nobody has complained so far. So I keep telling myself that I can only do my best and that just has to be enough.

Photo from last year in Bergen

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Holiday to Crete part 5: Food

Meze platter

We had a lot of good food on our holiday to Crete. A few times we decided to go for at Meze platter with loads of different nice item. Including the moussaka, the lamb kleftiko and the beef stifado. I also tried the local white and rose wine. It was very good with the food and it was perfect in the heat.

Lovely seafood resturant

Sometimes for breakfast and at lunch time I don’t have too big an appetite in the heat. But bread with olive tapenade, olive oil and olives are always tasty.

I always got to try some nice fish and calamari. The seafood was fresh and nice so close to the sea I usually try to taste some of it.

Sometimes life requires some sparklers in your ice cream

When you are on holiday it’s important to treat yourself to some nice ice cream. And a few of them came with sparklers and other nice decorations. I enjoyed it a lot except for when I accidentally touched one of the sparklers before it cooled down. Luckily I had some aloe vera in case of sun burns, and I only got a small blister.

One of many nice places to eat

There was also a lot of orange trees and the orange juice you got was fresh and nice.

I enjoy good food and drink and Crete was most definitively a good spot to visit for getting it. It was the icing on the cake on a lovely vacation.

Holiday to Crete part 3: Platanias 

View from a lovely restaurant at the top of Platanias

Since the stats show that people enjoy some travel posts and since I enjoy them too, I am continuing to post from my vacations.

Lovely panoramic view at the restaurant

When we stayed in Agia Marina in Crete we walked in to the town of Platanias a few evenings to have a look at the town and to enjoy some good meals. One evening we dined at a lovely panoramic restaurant at the top of a hill. And the view of the sunset was gorgeous. The food and wine was ok too.

Main street in Platanias

I visited a few little local shops and brought home some lovely products from Crete.

A treet in the middle of the road

Some of the things I found quite charming was this tree that grew in the middle of the road. The bortom was painted  white and the cars had to drive around it on a narrow road on a steep hill.

Another resturant with Orange trees as a “roof”

Holiday to Crete part 2: Agia Marina

When we went on holiday, staying somewhere quiet and nice was one of the things we wanted from our holiday. And with the prices being lower in September we got a nice hotel for a reasonable price. Iolida Beach, the hotel was a very good fit for us.


Agia Marina is a quiet little town, not too far from Chania airport. The beach was very nice and it had a few little shops where we could get what we needed. There was also many good places to eat out. We spent most our time here and didn’t travel too much around as the main purpose of our holiday was to relax.


A lot of the other people that was there at the same time as us, was pensioners and families with small children. It wasn’t a place to goo if you wanted to party hard till the wee small hours (at least that’s not the impression we got), and that worked very well for us.