A me day

Sun was shining as I waited for the bus this morning.

Today I took a day off from work. I had no big plans I was just feeling like I wanted to use some of the extra hours I have saved up lately just for me. I kind of started yesterday by going to the hairdresser. This is not something I’m a fan of, but it’s always nice when It’s done.

Today I woke up around the time I usually get up, had breakfast and got on the bus to get a massage from a friend who has her own business. It was very relaxing and wonderful.


After the massage I took the bus home to do some laundry before I headed out for lunch at a nice little place nearby. I treated myself to a lovely tapas platter and a beer. Now I am going to go for a good walk before I meet up with the man. 

Wish you all a very good weekend!

Norwegian dish: Komla (potao balls)

This Sunday I spent time at my mother’s house preparing a traditional Norwegian dish kalled komla.This is a kind of potato ball. I like making traditional food like this because it makes sure the traditions are kept alive.

Me grinding up the potatoes

We made quite a lot as we were having quite a few relatives over for dinner.

Dough ready

After the dough is made you shape it in to balls and put them in boiling water with stock from the lamb meat and let them cook untill they are done.

You serve them with salted meat of lamb, sausages, mashed swede and melted butter. As for me I like to enjoy a beer with the dish.

Ready to eat

Harry and Paddy weekend

A photo of the tequila bar

This weekend has been very lovely. Friday was St. Patrick’s day and it’s also the anniversary for me and my man. We celebrated by eating at a resturant called ” The adventures of Harry Pepper, the telephone man, on his way to Mexico” Harry Pepper for short. The resturant has been around since 1986, just like me. And they serve great mexican/southern american food. They have a vast selection of tequila and lovely drinks, but we decided to stick to beer as we had planned to drink Guinness later on. I ordered the mixed fajitas and it was very tasty.

Mixed fajitas with beef, chicken and scampi

After the nice meal We headed to the nearest Irish pub, the Irishman to enjoy some beer and the St.Patrick’s day spirit. The place was packed and the live music was good so we got the spirit as we entered the door.

Saturday it was time to go to our summer house and start getting it ready for use, after the winter. It waited till we had all the pillows, carpets and such from the first floor out in the sunshine to air before it decided to start snowing a little. 

Today we’re celebrating my brother’s birthday with relatives at my mother’s house. Good food and good company is a great day to end the week!

What have you been up to this weekend?

Friday feeling 

Weekends are always something I’m looking forward to, but this weekend the feeling of elevation was extra strong this week. I’ve been a little tired over the week and the thought of not having to be up early for two days in a row!

Last week I went out to enjoy a lovely meals that I did not have to make myself. I went to an italian resturant I like to go to from time to time.

White pizza with reindeer meat, pommegranade, buffalo mozzarella and mushroom

I went for a white pizza with reindeer meat, pommegranade, buffalo mozzarella and mushroom, called Snøhetta. It was really good and left med very full!

I started my friday by dropping by the library and picking up some books to read instead of watching the inaguration of the US new president… 

Norwegian Meat Cake (large meat balls)


I was asked lately if I could include a recipe for the Norwegian Meat Cakes I mentioned previous. I usually don’t use recipes as anything more than a general guideline, so all the ingredients are there, but the amounts are not absoulte. So here goes:

800 g ground beef
2 eggs
3 table spoons Potato flour
Ground ginger.

Mix the ingredients together and use a spoon and your hands to shape out some large meat balls. put them in a frying pan and dry them on both sides before putting them in the gravy and letting them simmer for a while.

This is tradtionally served with potatos, gravy, mushy peas, and lingonberry jam. 

Personally I prefer to serve it with sweet potato mash, carrots and mushroom.    

It’s cold outside!


It’s starting to get quite cold outside with temperatures creaping down to minus 5 degrees Celsius. It feels a bit colder due to the wind. But it’s very dry out so there is no snow and there are warnings out to keep people from using fire outside.

I find soup to be some of the best food for this time of year. It keeps you warm and after all the food stuffed down in the holiday season makes me feel like eating food that’s not so heavy for a while. So today I decided to make a sweet potato spinach soup. And it turned out quite good.


I don’t use a recipe, but if you want to make something simillar the below is what I put in:

Sweet potato
A little cream

Served with garlic bread, it might become a houshold favourit.