I have a confession to make, I like to listen to podcasts. I think they are a great way of keeping me updated on what is happening. I mainly listen to podcasts that deals with topics that interest me like football (soccer), literature, science and most of all politics. The Guardian, The Economist and the Times has got some good programs that I like to enjoy with my breakfast or evening meal or just for relaxing.

A show I listen to and enjoy quite much is called The Bugle. They describe themselves on SoundCloud as:

“John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, the transatlantic region’s leading bi-continental satirical double-act, leave no hot potato unbuttered in their worldwide-hit weekly topical comedy show”

They’ve been doing this podcast since 2007 first at the Times Online  and now as an independent pod. I used to listen to the Bugle a few years back but after a period where I didn’t listen to podcast very much I sort of forgot about the show. I rediscovered it on SoundCloud a little while back and I’m now a regular listener again (or Bugler as they call their listeners). And yes, John Oliver is that guy from the Daily Show.

I’m interested in finding more good podcasts so if anyone have any tips of good podcasts please let me know!



Yesterday the day of my friends’ wedding finally arrived. I woke up early and went to join the bride at the hairdresser. We sat there talking and having a good time as the bride had her hair and make-up done. The dress was amazing and suited her very well.

Dress waiting for the bride.

Dress waiting for the bride.

After that we were ready for church. As the prest was the brother of the groom his sermon was very personal and the whole ceremony was just like the couple wanted it and there was hardly a dry eye in the church. The singing bit went fine as well.

The bride had made her own buqet

The bride had made her own bouquet

The bride is a creative girl and had made her own bouquet for the occasion. She had also made all the decorations they had at the party. And it looked splendid. The food was excellent, the wine was good, none of the speeches where to long and the mood at the party was extremely good. Everyone was happy and it looked like everyone had a good time! The happy couple was satisfied with everything and it showed. Sadly I have no pictures of the wedding cake, but it looked amazing and tasted great. This was made and decorated by the bride, her mother and sister. Some people are just good at most things.

My seat :)

My seat 🙂

Wedding soon

Creativity and relaxing potion!

Creativity and relaxing potion!

Yes, you did see what you thought you did. I’m enjoying a glass of wine, on a thursday. Shocking I know, but as I must have a look at the speech I’m giving at my friend’s wedding this weekend it helps me get creative. And it also helps me relax a little, even if I’m not the one getting married there are quite a few things you need to get right when you are a maid of honor. But today, after rehearsing the song I’m singing in church, I finally feel like I’m beginning to get control of things. This feeling will probably disappear soon enough as I remember something I’ve forgotten, but for now I just want to enjoy it.

I’m going to check my speech and then I’m going to get a book from my pile of unread books that I really need to get started on, to get some peace of mind and if I feel like it I’m going to move a few things in my apartment to pretend I’m tidying. With getting a lot done at work, rehearsing with the pianist and visiting my parents I really feel like I’ve had a good day. Maybe even a great one 🙂

“New” Library

I had a few things to do in town today, so even if all I wanted was to spend all day on my sofa I had to get out. I really can’t complain about being to tired as I slept for almost  12 hours last night, but I was in great need of rest. But going out getting some fresh air really is not bad either and once I got out I actually felt better. I really knew I would, but it’s hard to believe when your tired. So off to town I went.

I visited the library to see if I found something I wanted to read. The library in Stavanger has been redecorated for some time now and it is finally finished. I think the result was quite good.

New 1st floor of the library

New 1st floor of the library.

The new first floor holds a selection of books from all the departments of the library and there are plenty of places to sit down to read books or newspapers or anything else. It’s also where you find the coffee bar.

Books on display.

Books on display.

I found the new interior very inviting. And I recently read in the newspaper that the number of visitors in the library had gone up. I love the library and as a book lover this place has always been one of my favorite places in town. I’m glad that a lot of other people finds their way here as well. Today it was very crowded so I decided to just have a look around and see how the new library looked like and save the books for later. The sad thing is it seems this is a trend because while the numbers of visitors increase the numbers of books being borrowed decreases. But the library has at least managed to get people to come here. With arrangements like lectures, reading, debates, small concerts and so on. Lets hope that is a trend that continues.

Open and inviting library.

Open and inviting library.


The Joys of Being a Woman in Norway

Really great thoughts from an outsider on our contry. Makes me appreciate how lucy I am to be living here!

A Frog in the Fjord


“This year my colleague did something really bitchy to us: she got pregnant” says the guy sitting across the dinner table in my French New Year’s Eve 2014. I almost choked on my slice of camembert. I’ve been living in Norway for 4 years and never have I ever heard such negative comments associated with pregnancy. “She left for 3 months on maternity leave. I mean seriously! And then you wonder why employers don’t want to hire women in their 30’s”. This did not seem to shock anyone around the dinner table, including a guy with his baby son in his arms and my 8-month pregnant friend.

“She just leaves us like that, and then what are we supposed to do?”. I suggested a shy “Replace her until she comes back?” (I know, I have such revolutionary ideas sometimes). And I added that in my Norwegian office, at least one…

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Bachelorette Party

I’ve had a busy weekend. My band had our first rehearsal-weekend to prepare for the National Championship for Brass bands. I missed the rehearsal on Saturday because we had a Bachelorette party for my friend. As I am one of the maids of honor I was one of the people who organized the party. From we vere quite young most my friends have been talking about how we don’t want our bachelorette party to be, should we ever have one. And we all agreed on one thing, none of us saw any point in using the day to embarrass each other too much. So we decided to start with challenging her a litte by going Pole Dancing. To make her nervous for what the rest of the day would bring and because it looks like fun.

Can't say I looked anything like this, but I had fun!

Can’t say I looked anything like this, but I had fun!

I’m not very into Bachelorette parties where the bride-to-be has to do all sorts of silly things while the other guests just watch and laughs. So Pole Dancing was a great activity because we could all laugh at each other. And laugh we did! It was hilarious, but really hard. I’m still a bit sore from the 75 minute work-out using my muscles in ways I’m not used to. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do on a bachelorette party (or something else) I can really recommend having a Pole Dancing lesson.

After that we drank, ate good food, had some games for the bride-to-be and drank some more before ending the night in a bar. The bride-to-be had a good time and so did all the guests 🙂 I can’t say that getting up early to go play was the thing I most wanted to do on Sunday, but I got through it. And went to bed very early yesterday.

Happy New Year

2013 is history and 2014 is here. I hope it will be a good year, would be very sad if I didn’t. 31.12 is my dad’s birthday and I was at my parents house all day. Mang people usually come by to thank for the year that has passed and come with good wishes for the new one and of course to say happy birthday to my dad. I think this is a very good tradition!

Table all set for a new years eve feast

Table all set for a New Years Eve feast

I spent new years eve at some friends house. Good food, nice people, funny games, wine, champagne, fireworks and other things that belong in a good celebration where all present.

Champagne is an important part of celebrating

Champagne is an important part of celebrating

The new year has startet of quietly with reading, relaxing and washing my bathroom floor as the last thing I did before I wen out yesterday was to spill my bronzing powder all over the floor.

I hope that 2014 will be a very good year for all of you!