New Street Art in the Neighbourhood

Looked out the window when I came home and found out that there were a couple of guys making a new piece of street art on an ugly building just outside! I’m very pleased to have this outside my window instead of the eyesore that was there before!


Street Art in the neighbourhood!

There are quite a few cool pieces of street art in Stavanger and we’re getting new ones all the time. Many of them are being made for the yearly Nuart festival that is held here. Where you among other things can take a guided tour of the street art of Stavanger.

Another cool piece of Stavanger Street Art!

Another cool piece of Stavanger Street Art!


Last bit of summer?

Very nice spot for enjoying a book and a coffee in the sun!

Very nice spot for enjoying a book and a coffee in the sun!

For a little over a week now summer temperatures decided to visit Norway, just so we could see what we had been missing out on all summer and to poke a nose at everyone who was back at school and work! The good weather was going to last for a week so I tried to get the most of it., But this weekend was also the start of season with my brass band, so the weekend was mostly spent at rehearsals.

This is where I spent most of my weekend (sadly I was indoors)

This is where I spent most of my weekend (sadly I was indoors)

This week the temperatures was supposed to drop drastically and rain was expected. So far the temperature has not dropped too much, but you can feel the weather turning. There is a thunderstorm on it’s way, but it keeps postponing is arrival.

Yesterday there was a rainbow in the sky, but no rain, yet!

Yesterday there was a rainbow in the sky, but no rain, yet!

The sky is dramatic and the pressure in the air is giving me a throbbing headache, but at least the warmth haven’t left us yet. I suspect it will when the heavy rain that’s promised starts splashing down!

Back to School Blog Party! Aug 21-23

Come join the back to school party!

Live ClareLesley

Its August and its that time again!!  We have always loved fall, even though summer is ending, it always feels like a new start!  So come on over, share a favorite blog post or three, and favorite things about fall with us!

Here’s what you do:

  1. In the comments, say hey and post a link to one of your favorite blogs, or even one that has to do with fall!
  2. Let us know if you have a favorite thing that has to do with fall (Clare loves the changing of the leaves and buying school supplies.  LL loves when the air gets crisp and she can go for runs in the changing leaves!)
  3. Go explore other blogs–reach out to your fellow bloggers, visit THEIR pages, and let them know you stopped by in their comments!
  4. Invite more bloggers to party with us!!

Lots of love,

–LL and Clare

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Waiting is not my strong suit!

What I saw when stopping to stretch my back when I was out picking blueberries.

What I saw when stopping to stretch my back when I was out picking blueberries.

As I mentioned a little over a week ago I had two job interviews last week. I was quite neutral after both interviews. Left with a feeling that it could go either way. But it is really after you come out the real challenge begins. You have currently done all you can and all you can do now is to wait.

Waiting is not something I’m not very good at. I probably should be by now as I have an extreme aversion against being late for anything and always turn up early. Having a lot of friends that is chronically late I have waited a lot in my life. I still haven’t gotten very good at it. At all. In any way. But sometimes it’s all you can do. And so you just have to do what you can to keep yourself going out of your mind.

Red and yellow roses from the garden!

Red and yellow roses from the garden!

So this weekend I went over to my parents to hear about their vacation on Friday and then I went in to our summer-house on Saturday and spent two lovely warm, but extremely wet days. I picked a lot of blueberries and read a bit, spent some time with family and was updated by the neighbours on what had happened lately.

Now I’m back at work and back waiting to hear anything from any of the two jobs I was interviewed for. Whether it is good news or bad I’m very ready for some news so I can move forward in one way or another.

3 Things I Would Like To Apologize For

I did something stupid today and I would like to apologize to whom it may concern. So I figured I would take the opportunity to apologize for a few more things when I decided to write a post about it. Below are some flowers to go with my apology!

Flower shop in Porto Venere

Flower shop in Porto Venere

 1. Accidentally deleting the comments in my spam-folder…

Yup, the stupid thing I did today was to delete all the comments WP had marked as spam before I checked to see if there was anything in the folder that was not spam. So if you left a comment on my blog and are waiting to eagerly to see it appear and to get a reply. I’m very sorry, but you’re going to have to re-send it. If you’re a bit annoyed with me and you can’t bother to re-send I very much understand it! All I can do is say I’m sorry and hope to be forgiven.

2.  Not having the time or ability to leave good comments on your blogs

I love reading the wonderful post you put up on your blogs. When I read I laugh, I cry and every other emotion in between. I can read a great post, I’ll click the like button to say I’ve read your post and appreciated it and then it’s time to leave a few thoughtful words. And after all your blog post has given me all I can muster is “great post”. I know it’s really annoying, but I just can’t find anything better to say. I’ve often been told that one should shut up if one has nothing sensible to say, but somehow it just feel wrong to say nothing even if the something is as lame as the above mentioned or similar. Sometimes I think I might have something to say about a blog post, but I don’t have the time at the moment I’m reading the post to actually write the good comment. And afterwards I might forget to go back to the post and come up with a good comment. I apologize both for the good comments you have missed out on and the bad ones you have received.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

3. Not giving enough back to the blogging community

The blogging community is a lovely thing to be allowed to participate in. There are so many warm, caring, nice people out there who help each other out and do so much good. I don’t feel like I do too much for anyone and I would love to do something, but I don’t know what I to do. I have limited funds and limited time and my imagination so far has not given me any good ideas as to what to do for the lovely people out there that has come to mean so much to me. This point also extend to the non-virtual world. It’s so easy to make someone’s day just a little better, yet I often just don’t know what to do, or forget I could do something. So I apologize and hope to do better in the future!

I probably should apologize for eating all the feta stuffed olives, but there is no one around to apologize to and I’m too stuffed to move..

Hope the weekend is good to all of you!

I Need Reblog Links

Danny over at Dream Big, is giving you the opportunity to leave him a link to a post you feel should get a larger audience, for a re-blog! Leave your link and check out Danny’s blog and the posts he has already re-blogged.

Dream Big, Dream Often

I am in need of reblogging links!  I appreciate those that have been faithful providers of linkage and encourage those to continue.  I also want to encourage those that have not left me a link for reblogging to do so.  New and creative posts would be great!

Keep in mind that reblogging is basically sharing.  I am not only “sharing” your work with my readers, but I am also spreading your exposure through the tags I assign to my post.  If you tag your post with 12 tags and I tag with 12 different, then you have doubled your tag search exposure for one post.

Click this link, In Need of Reblogging Links, and leave your link in the comments.  Btw, reblogging is no type of trick.  I get nothing from this except knowing I am helping someone else.  There are no ulterior motives, no tricks, no scams.


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Weekend randoms


Gamlingen – Stavangers old outdoor swimmingpool

As you probably read in my previous post I’m having a lazy weekend to round off a lazy week. This is very much needed because next week will be quite busy, There is no better way to handle a busy week than to start of with your batteries charged. Yesterday was quite sunny here in Stavanger and I spent quite a bit off the day outdoors. As I passed I could see that there was a lot of people enjoying the day by the outdoor pool (the photo was taken late in the day when most people had gone home, just in case you were questioning my definition of “a lot of people”). The outdoor pool is called Gamlingen, roughly translated to “the oldie” and this was one of the last opportunities the people of Stavanger had to enjoy the pool. They are taking it down to build a tunnel to improve the traffic in the town outside of it. Luckily they are giving us a new one close to where the old one was, but this is still to be built. Having an outdoor pool is very nice, as the water is heated this gets used by quite a few people all year, even in winter. And as the Norwegian summers isn’t the warmest and the sea requires quite a lot before it reaches comfortable temperatures many families enjoy the occasional day of sun by the pool.

I also spent some time by the sea with my book enjoying the sunshine and I went into a bookshop to look at books and I found something that got me very excited. You might argue that it’s a bit strange to get really excited by something  that for the people with more popular names take for granted, but finding stuff with your name on it is something that makes my inner child squeal with joy.

Weekplanner - notice the name to the far left!

Weekplanner – notice the name to the far left!

Granted I didn’t need the weekplanner with my name on it and I didn’t get it, but it’s nice all the same. And I know for a fact I’m not the only one who likes stuff on their name on it as my post about the Maja coke is one that gives me many of my google referrers. Growing up, my name was not one of the most popular ones in Norway, but in the last years it has gained a lot of popularity. This is the reason why there was never anything available with my name on it when I grew up, but now (when I have no use for most of it) there is more and more.