Quiet Weekend


2 weeks old flowers

This weekend I plan to have a quiet and nice weekend. And so far I seem to be able to stick to the plan. Slow Friday night with good food and a good book. Woke up this morning feeling rested and ready for some coffee, breakfast, podcasts, music and more reading.

Soon feeling ready to go out for a little walk, then some household work, before I go up to my parents to prepare some tacos for family dinner. Then back to my book and a glass of red wine.

Then there is another day of no alarm clock that may bring everything or nothing. Or probably something in between.

Weekends like this is really such a treat. I hope this weekend brings to you what you wish from it.


An Interview With An Actual Norwegian!

I was interviewed by Phil from the Phil Factor! I recomend you all to go visit his blog.

The Phil Factor

My guest this week is, as the title implies, someone from Norway. Maja Asgautsen is a blogger from Norway. I became curious about Norway after getting regular views from Norway over the last several months and they weren’t all Maja. My curiosity about Norway first lead me to make fun of it and while doing that I realized how little I really knew about the country. Maja, who has a really great blog which you should go visit, was kind enough to agree to my “interview” about Norway.

maja1. What is the one thing you’d like people from other countries to know about Norway? That we are actually a country and not the capitol of Sweden, or a city in Scandinavia.

2. When people from other countries visit Norway what are they most surprised by? Many of the tourists, especially from countries outside of Europe seem to be very surprised…

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Norwegian Meat Cake (large meat balls)


I was asked lately if I could include a recipe for the Norwegian Meat Cakes I mentioned previous. I usually don’t use recipes as anything more than a general guideline, so all the ingredients are there, but the amounts are not absoulte. So here goes:

800 g ground beef
2 eggs
3 table spoons Potato flour
Ground ginger.

Mix the ingredients together and use a spoon and your hands to shape out some large meat balls. put them in a frying pan and dry them on both sides before putting them in the gravy and letting them simmer for a while.

This is tradtionally served with potatos, gravy, mushy peas, and lingonberry jam. 

Personally I prefer to serve it with sweet potato mash, carrots and mushroom.    



Nice patterns in the frozen puddle

Found this frozen puddle on my walk on Sunday. Somehow the pattern that had formed reminded me of the painting “scream” by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.


Frozen mini waterfall

I also liked how the water seems to have frozen on it’s way down to the ground.


Caution slippery

Sunday Trip and Mother ‘ s Day


Sunny Sunday by the Sea

The weather this weekend has been lovely. Just below freezing and sunny.  My dad and me got in the boat and went for a lovely, but cold boat ride in to our summer house today.


Our boats

It was a perfect day to air and de-dust the cushions, rugs, pillows and blankets. And I also found the time to go for a lovely walk in the sunshine.


Boat trip home

Today is Mother’s day here in Norway, so I am waiting for my Mum to come home so she can get a little present and I’m going to make a nice Sunday dinner. I hope she’ll enjoy.


Clear sea