Bad day

Yesterday was good. I had a very nice evening with my dad, food was good, appartement tidy the football could have been better, but was fun all the same. By now you might be wondering why the headline and content of this post seems to not correlate. Don’t worry, I promise you the rest of this post won’t be all positive and boring.

Sometime during the night my phone decided that dying was a good idea. This resulted in me sleeping without an alarm without knowing it. And sleep I did! I woke up two hours later than I normally do, I rushed to work and got there at a reasonable time. The weather had obviously decided to join in to make my day bad and it was cold and rainy. So when I got to work and found that everybody was standing outside due to a fire drill, my day did not improve. Things looked to be a bit brighter when I got my phone to work again. But then my inbox exploded with my least favorite things to do at work.

When it was finally time to go home, later than usual due to the fact that I was late this morning, there was still rain and quite a lot wind. I was nearly run over by a car and stepped in to a puddle of water on my way to the bus. Being in a hurry this morning I was not properly dressed for this weather. So now I’m sitting in my sofa hoping to dry before I have to go out again. Hopefully things will look up this evening.

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