It’s the most wonderfull time of the year (or something)

Went shopping today. Trying to find something to wear at the Christmas party we’re having at work tomorrow. I could not find anything. Hopefully some of the clothes in my closet will fit, but I have a feeling half of them are too big and the other half to small. Normally I would not care too much about this, but it seems like everyone at work has been planing what to wear for a long time and are taking this very seriously.

Anyway I bet it’s going to be a fun party even if I have to wear an old garbage bag, because I couldn’t find something else. At least I’ll put make-up on. That will be very different from what I look like at the office even though the dresses I wear there are probably just as plain as the one I’ll end up with for tomorrow. The pre-party will be nice and Prosecco will be served. The food at the party will probably be good, as will the wine. I know that the people I work with are mostly lovely and I bet their significant others are as well. I hope the entertainment is good and that there will be a killer after party. All in all I’m pretty lucky to get to go to a party like this and I know I should not be whining about a stupid little thing like what to put on and the fact that I feel like crap, mainly due to my cold. But as you witnessed above I did.

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