Blowing in the wind

As some of you might recall from a previous post I’m no big fan of storms. This time it has hit my part of Norway. The airport has been closed earlier, roofs has blown off, ferries were cancelled. I know people who has had the pans fly off their roof and someone had their greenhouse partly blow away. And the police were closed the roads in the city centre very close to where I live, because of large thing blowing from roofs. This made it a bit scary to walk home from the bus, that had to stop before my stop due to the roads being closed. So when I got home I listened to the police and stayed indoors.

I was supposed to play a christmas concert today. But someone in the band heard on the local radio that our concert was cancelled. The thing was that at that time no-one in the band knew it was cancelled, because none of us had called it in. After this we decided that it was probably for the best just cancel the concert. So how this thing came on the radio before someone had actually made the decision is still a mystery.

The storm is lasting at least till tomorrow morning, so far the only good thing (as I see it) is that there has not come as much snow as anticipated *knock on wood* I’ve lighted some candles and decorated with some of the things I got in my Christmas calendar. So now I’ll just continue to lay on my couch, under a blanket, hoping this will blow over soon.

Cosy inside.
Cosy inside.



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