Bachelorette Party

I’ve had a busy weekend. My band had our first rehearsal-weekend to prepare for the National Championship for Brass bands. I missed the rehearsal on Saturday because we had a Bachelorette party for my friend. As I am one of the maids of honor I was one of the people who organized the party. From we vere quite young most my friends have been talking about how we don’t want our bachelorette party to be, should we ever have one. And we all agreed on one thing, none of us saw any point in using the day to embarrass each other too much. So we decided to start with challenging her a litte by going Pole Dancing. To make her nervous for what the rest of the day would bring and because it looks like fun.

Can't say I looked anything like this, but I had fun!
Can’t say I looked anything like this, but I had fun!

I’m not very into Bachelorette parties where the bride-to-be has to do all sorts of silly things while the other guests just watch and laughs. So Pole Dancing was a great activity because we could all laugh at each other. And laugh we did! It was hilarious, but really hard. I’m still a bit sore from the 75 minute work-out using my muscles in ways I’m not used to. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do on a bachelorette party (or something else) I can really recommend having a Pole Dancing lesson.

After that we drank, ate good food, had some games for the bride-to-be and drank some more before ending the night in a bar. The bride-to-be had a good time and so did all the guests 🙂 I can’t say that getting up early to go play was the thing I most wanted to do on Sunday, but I got through it. And went to bed very early yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Bachelorette Party

  1. I actually pole dance regularly just for fitness!! It really kicks your butt into shape! It’s also super fun and sexy as well! (There is also a lot of “Falling with grace” =P )
    I’m glad you enjoyed it =) I like hearing that people who don’t do it as a fitness routine, actually have a respect for it!

    1. It was very much fun and as my muscles were sore for a few days afterwards only from the beginner moves we were able to do, I can only imagine that being able to do it properly would be a great workout.

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