Football World Cup Brazil 2014


The 2014 World Cup is over us and has been for a while. As most of you know or have realized I like sports. Watching it at least 😉 Football is my favorite sport among all the sports out there. So the football World Cup is really something I look forward to each time. And I count myself lucky that I do. There seems to be no escape from this event if you are somewhere where there is news and/or other people.

Norway did not qualify for this World Cup (as has been the case for quite some time), nor did any of the other Scandinavian teams. So in theory I don’t have any team to support, but there is great fun to be had in just watching good football. Now there are always a few teams you, for one reason or another, like better than others. There might be several reasons for this, like a connection to a country a fondness for certain players and other things. I will admit that this cup I don’t cheer for one particular team. I watch matches and usually know in advance who I want to win the game. But luckily I’m allowed to access every game individually and don’t have to choose one team before the tournament and hope they go all the way though, without being “unpatriotic” or a “bad neighbor”.

So there has been lots of action in this Cup already. Spain is out of the competition (they will of course play the last game in their group, but after having lost their first two games they will not move on from the first stage). As reigning champions and one of the favorites I guess it was expected of them to, at the very least, get past the first stage. But from what I’ve seen in the cup, them not going on to the knockout stages was deserved. Portugal has not looked their best, and with Pepe losing his head in the previous game ad getting a red card and the reports that Ronaldo might be injured things does not look the best for them. The team from Cameroon made sure that Pepe was not the only one who will be remembered for bad behaviour on the pitch this World Cup. One of their players was sent off for placing his elbow in the back of a player on the opposing team, Croatia. And right before the game was about to end, Benoit Assou-Ekotto gave a player on his own team a head-but. One might say that Cameroon entered the World Cup with a lot of talk about bonuses and not allowing their plane to take off for Brazil and goes home with the memory of other things than actual football from the pitch.

Brazil has not had the best start imaginable for a home team, but they will, in all likelihood, go on to the next stage and they might still win the cup. Despite having built down the expectations Germany looks strong and Belgium played a good game against Algeria. But the wonderful thing about football is that you can predict all you want. You never know exactly how a game is going to turn out until it is finished. Luckily I’m not an expert on any of this so predicting stuff like this is not something I have to do 🙂 I’m happy to just enjoy all the football and the wonderful atmosphere that surrounds the World Cup!

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