Autumn is here

It’s now darker in the mornings, it gets darker earlier in the afternoon and it’s more likely to rain and or blow a stronger wind. Yes people, if you have not noticed it’s autumn.

Autum may be here, but there is still some leftovers from summer
Autum may be here, but there is still some leftovers from summer

It has been a busy week and having looked at my calendar October looks to be a very busy month. This is not new, there is usually a lot of things happening in October, but this year looks to be even more busy than usual. Most of the stuff I’ll be busy with are going to be a lot of fun and I’ll probably enjoy myself a lot. But I have a feeling I’ll need some time to relax at the end of the month.

Amongst the things I’m looking forward to the most is a trip over to Ireland again. I’m looking over things I want to do and see when I’m over, but I’ll be sure to spend some time enjoying good food, good drinks and the company of nice people.

Now I’ll curl up under a blanket drink a large cup of tea and read a book. Autumn has certainly arrived. A good weekend to all of you 🙂

14 thoughts on “Autumn is here

  1. Ooo that sounds just lovely, going to Ireland in the Autumn! I can almost smell the peat fires now… wonderful! I hope you have time to take and post photos of my most favourite spot on the globe! You off to Dublin?

  2. Here in the U.K., we set the clocks back this Sunday. I have mixed feelings. The mornings will be lighter. The evenings will be–well, you can’t win everything, can you? It won’t be long before we’re lighting a fire at night.

    1. Thank you for visiting 🙂 It’s the same thing here in Norway. I have mixed feelings about it as well but I have concluded that it is probably for the best.

  3. I am so interested in following your blog! It is so interesting hearing about a country, your country, Norway, a place I’ve never been, nor perhaps will I ever see. You have done a beautiful job painting a wonderful picture of your home and I thank you.

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