Darker outside
Darker outside

It sure is getting dar out early these days. I took the picture above one day when I was leaving work a bit later than usual, but not so late as one might think from the photo above.

The last while I’ve been very busy. There has been more than usual going on both at work and at home. Last weekend was also Siddis Brass, a competition for brass bands. Leading up to this there are many rehearsals and concerts, so even if it’s great fun it’s very busy and leaves you with little time to get all the other stuff you’re supposed to do, done.

Today I managed to forget the keys to my appartement at work. I did not discover this until I was outside my house. This means I had to take the bus back to work, get the keys and go back again. Safe to say my friday night got a bit shorter than I anticipated, and left me in a worse mood than I was leaving work the first time.

Hope you all have a good weekend, and remember to always remember your keys.

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