Foucus on women


Yesterday I went to a conference called focus on women. I really enjoyed it. The speakers where all good and very diverse. There was a swedish woman who was speaking about self-worth and self-confidence “it’s your life and you deserve to have a good one”. Next to speak was Tore Renberg a writer from here in Stavanger, speaking about becoming a writer, inspiration and finding joy in your work. Then there was a small concert with a local singer/songwriter called Tønes. After that we got a good lunch before we were back to hear from more interesting people. Guri Schanke a norwegian entertainer talking about “relax it will all work out fine”, on “return on time”. After her we got to hear from Bianca Vestvik, she was talking about how to handle change and adversity. Something she would know a lot about having lost he husband to suicide and being left with her small twin sons and a few foster children. After her Benja Stig Fagerland spoke about saying goodby to “jante- and jenteloven” the Jante law is mentioned in a book by writer Axel Sandemose and is deep-rooted in Norwegian society, it states that you’re not supposed to believe you are any better that anyone else and that you’re not supposed to go around claiming to know something special. She was talking about the importance of letting go of this train of thought and follow 7 1/2 step to ensure success. Last but not least artist Espen Lind gave a presentation of his career with up’s and downs and how you need to be persistent in following your dreams, and that it takes hard work. Espen Lind is best known in Norway for his own music, but abroad he’s most famous for writing and producing hits for artist such as Beyoncé and Train. His lecture was called strategic tunes.

Another pluss was that the conference was held in a brand new hotel here in Stavanger called Clarion Hotel Energy. A really nice new conference hotel.

Picture from hotel website
Picture from hotel website

4 thoughts on “Foucus on women

  1. I second Liz that it sounds like a great conference. Thanks also for visiting my blog and deciding to follow. I hope you continue to enjoy reading what you find there. 🙂

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