London Calling!

I’m only just home from my trip to Ireland but it’s time for me to go away again. This time I’m going on a trip with work to London. We’ll be leaving Thursday afternoon and I’m quite excited. I have been in London on a couple of occasions before and I really like the spring over there. I’m excited to go, because even if we’re going with work we’ll have quite a bit of time on our hands to do things we want to do. I don’t really have anything in particular that I feel I need to see or do, but I’ll join the others if they have a good idea.  And I’m always open to good suggestions.

Picture of Tower Bridge from
Picture of Tower Bridge from

Last time I was over was Easter 2014. Me and a friend, who has lived there previously had a great time, we ate good food visited different parts of town and enjoyed the sunshine and warmth that greeted us when we were there. Hampstead Heath, Islington/Angel, Camden, Hoxton,The Olympic Park, The Beagle and various markets was on our list then.

So if anyone have any good tips on what to do in London I’m thankful for all suggestions!

14 thoughts on “London Calling!

  1. Kew Gardens are well worth a visit. Its about a 40 minute tube journey from London’s Victoria station to Kew Gardens station. Spring will be a wonderful time of year to see the flowers opening. Kevin

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