Holiday to Crete part 4: Chania

Beach promenade in Chania.

The nearest town from Agia Marina of some size is Chania. I was not to impressed with this town when we got there as it was warm and chaotic. My travel companion prefers to take one of the hop-on-hop-off bus when we visit a new place. We found out that they had one and decided to use it to see the city. If you go to Chania and are considering doing the same I have a piece of advice; Don’t do it! It ran seldom and did not take us anywhere interesting.

View of Chania


When we finally got off the bus, not very happy with the day so far, we walked by the sea. This was quite a nice walk and we got to see the most beautiful parts of the town.

Venetian harbour

We walked all along the Venetian harbour and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and some good seafood from one of the many restaurants in the harbour .

As we had spent so much time on the bus tour we did not have so much time to go have a look in shops, but I did find a lovely little leather handbag. We were tired when we got on the bus to go back to Agia Marina, but luckily this local bus ran often and didn’t take to long to bring us back to the hotel.

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