Goodbye to a good companion

I think I might have to face the fact that my beloved computer no longer is up to it’s tasks. For some reason this last week no web browsers will work on it. It has got an internett connection because it has no trouble playing music from my online spotify, but it will not allow me to open any web pages including my blog. It’s getting quite old and I must admit that it was never a very good computer to begin with, but I find it a bit sad that I will have to let it go and buy a new one. I am one of those people who always seem to put off getting new technology. The fact that I have a new Samsung S7 lying in a box at my desk because I still have not found the cover I want for it, probably is a good exemple.

wpid-20151017_175506.jpgI am spending this weekend getting some neccesary hosehold chores done and getting ready for a very busy week ahead. I have borrowed a computer for a little while and luckily I have my phone and Ipad, so I will hopefully be able to update myself on what is happening in the blogging world even if I don’t have a computer that functiones.

I hope you’re all doing well and that the weekend is treating you good.

48 thoughts on “Goodbye to a good companion

  1. If you are like me, you held on to your old computer as long as possible because the transition to new take such a chunk of time, not to mention $$$. Best wishes!

  2. You get lots of sympathy from here. I can so relate to working with a crippled computer and the frustration that entails. I too need to get a new one but keep waiting. They are expensive and don’t last long. Built in obsolescence is how things are made these days. Good luck with picking a new one.

  3. If only I could let go of my laptop I would. I use it mostly for editing photos and it does reach across the ether in ways my mobile devices have trouble doing. Good luck getting a new computer.

  4. Yep, my computer may be considering its last will and testament soon too. I just hope it is kind enough to bequeath me with my files when that sorrowful day comes.

  5. I understand this. My MacBook (which I love very much and I also consider a companion) stopped working for about a month and it was terrible. Nothing quite felt the same. I hope you enjoy your new computer as much as your old one!

    1. I have never used a typewriter so I don’t know if I would have preferred them. I am sure I would be just as upset if it broke and I had to get a new one. I do like the look of them, they have charm

  6. I hate to get rid of anything old as long as it works. That is why I was married so long. I am still using my old 2005 HP desktop at the moment, but the only thing original is the metal case, the fan, and the power cord, so maybe it is not that old after all! Burglars will leave it behind I hope if they come!

  7. I often have the same difficulties in saying goodbye to my old stuff. I have no idea why I will feel sadden to get rid of something that is not working. I think it’s a sentimental value. I hope you enjoy your new purchase as much as your old one.

    1. Thank you. You might be right there. I have a feeling that I might be more afraid of change and that getting something new will be a hassle. But it usually works fine in the end.

  8. give it to someone that can put gnu/linux on it. that will get another several years out of the thing.

    take the hard drive out first if youve got credit card info on it, (or have them do it.) usually the drive is underneath a few screws, and you dont have to take the whole thing apart.

    1. Thank you very much for the tip, but it’s not a good computer and it would probably cost more to fix it than getting a new one. But if I know someone who has use for the some parts they are welcome to get them.

      1. i take machines like that all the time, they usually cost me $0 to fix. most problems are software problems and can be fixed by putting new software on it.

        even if the hard drive (what holds all the files) isnt working, it can be used from usb. heres a picture of a girl using a very old laptop with no hard drive in it: (im not trying to prove anything, only to demonstrate that so many things are possible with old machines.) πŸ™‚ cheers.

  9. Sorry to hear that your computer sounds like it’s on its last legs. It sounded like it served you very well. I too don’t like to upgrade when I’m comfortable with what I am using. It took me a long time before I upgraded my phone – now I am using the S7. It took me so, so, so long to find a new cover too and I understand your frustration in that regard πŸ˜€

  10. I can identify with not wanting to part with a device you’ve used for a certain amount of time. The laptop I am using now came about simply to upgrade to current software and technology…but I still have a prior laptop and a tower PC, both of which are working just fine and I’ve managed to find uses for them. Don’t get me wrong…if something is really broken and it’s going to cost just as many dollars and headaches to fix as replace…it’s getting replaced. Sentiment only goes so far. Good luck with your decision!

    1. Thank you. I don’t think I am too sentimental about the laptop. But I know I need to make an effort getting everything out of it before I get rid of it. It feels like a lot of work…. And so does setting up a new one.

  11. I hate computer woes. I have been trying to convince my husband we need a new computer for some time now. Since all he does is check his stocks he’s not convinced of the necessity. We’ve continued to bumble along and I guess for the moment that’s what we’ll do.

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