I am spending a week in this paradise!

Got up early in the morning to travel, but getting down to the lovely sunshine was amazing.

Cheers everybody. Hope you’re All enjoying the weekend!


25 thoughts on “Crete

  1. I don’t thing any of us, are having as good a weekend as you are. I woke up this morning to 48 F or 9 degrees celsius. I enjoyed the pictures. Have fun!

  2. Have a wonderful time. Enjoy the sunshine. 😉

  3. Lucky girl – ENJOY 👍😃

  4. Whereabouts? Until a year ago, I was living in Chorafakia between Chania and Stavros!

  5. jono51 says:

    Wow! Maybe someday…

    Apollo´s cradle, “It’s said in Greece that Crete could be its own country. Not only is that absolutely true, but the more I travel its seashores and explore its mountain villages, and see how proud and true Cretans are to their ways of life, the more I see why it stands apart, a rich, intriguing land.

  7. Looks rough. Have a great time.

  8. I’m happy to know that you are enjoying a much-deserved adventure…thanks for sharing your photos…it’s a chance for a vicarious vacation of my own 🙂

  9. You are so fortunate to have so much vacation time and get to travel so easily. Do as much as you can while you are young. it’s so much more fun that way. It looks wonderful there. Enjoy, enjoy.

  10. Invisibly Me says:

    Wow, looks amazing! Have a fantastic time!!
    Caz x

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