We now enter October and summer is most defenetly over and autumn is really here. As the end of September brought the autumnal equinox the days are now shorter than the nights. And here up north we have lovely bright summer nights, but we also have very dark winters and autumns.

October does not look like it will be a more quiet month than the previous two. But yet again it looks like it will be busy, but filled with a lot of interesting and fun.

I start off October by recording a test piece with my band to see if we can qualify to play in a better section next National Championship. We are not too concerned with weather we qualify or not, but it was a good thing to have on the program at the start of the season.

Next weekend I am going to be mad of honour at a wedding a few hours away. The balchelorette party I held for the bride-to-be last week was very fun and the bride-to-be and all the guests seemed to enjoy. I plan to take a car up to the wedding and make a little road trip out of it.

My work will also require me to travel a little this month. I will be doing new things that I have not done too much of yet. I am very much looking forward to this.

I wish you all a great month ahead!

5 thoughts on “October 

  1. Sounds like an exciting fun month ahead for you – enjoy! 😀😀 I’m soon heading back to the Stugas for a brief visit to put them ‘to bed’ for the winter and say farewell for this year.

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