Snow Chaos

In parts of Norway there has been more snow than there usually is, the last week. People who has had their winter holiday has ended up spending quite a lot of it shoveling snow of the roofs of their cabin.

I experienced the snow and the trouble it can bring first handed on my way home from the National Brass Band Championship. When I was on my way to the airport it suddenly started snowing very heavily and they had to close the runway for about over an hour. This meant quite a lot of delays and sadly cancellations.  I was one of those who’s flight got cancelled, after a few hours delay. I spent a few hours at the airport quite confused, because there was not much information given. There was no room on any of the later flights so after a lot of queuing I finally got my luggage and a hotel room for the night. This was not the end to the weekend that I had hoped for. We where told that the airline would re-book us on a new flight and that we’d get a text with our new flight.


When we got to the hotel  we got a nice meal and then headed for bed after a long day, and in my case a long weekend. A little while after I fell asleep the fire alarm was triggered and as I had not received the promised text I had my alarm set really early to make sure I would make the first flight if I should be so lucky to get a seat. This meant that I did not get much sleep that night. I got up early and had a quick breakfast before heading over to the airport, my text still had not arrived and the service phone did not open until 07.00. There was a few angels at work in the service desk at the airport. They managed the growing queue expertly and helped everyone as best and fast as they could. They got me a seat on the first morning flight and I was just hoping that the flight would be going, as the snow still had not stopped falling. By now they had managed the snow and it was not falling as heavily as the day before, so after only a slight delay with de-icing, were on our way back to Stavanger. I had a little sleep on the 35 minutes plane ride, now thinking that I would make it home at a decent time. I think I relaxed too soon because when we where almost over Stavanger airport, the pilot announced that that morning it was Stavanger’s turn to get unexpected snow and that the runway was closed for half an hour. We made it down eventually and I was very relieved to finally be able to come home.

45 thoughts on “Snow Chaos

  1. An appropriately named post for sure, Maja. I am sure home never looked so good than after that journey! Bruce

  2. I’m assuming it was better to be delayed like that on the return home trip rather than on the way to the championship. How did that go? I’ve had that happen several times when traveling and know how stressful it can be. We were not taken to a hotel and fed but rested in chairs all night waiting. Weather is a funny thing. We were expecting beautiful weather all week while a blogging friend is coming in today for a visit. Now we have rain and snow mixed and a return to cold temps. You can never tell what you are going to get till that moment. Glad you made it safe. Hope you had fun there.

  3. I love the snow! Pictures and looking at it through a window the rest you can keep .. I don’t miss it and all the disruption it and chips looks lovely 🙂

    1. In this part of Norway we don’t get too much snow, but it usually doesn’t affect us too bad. It usually depends on how much snow come at the time and how much wind there is.

      1. Precisely, Madam. I also like skiing and building snowmen.. 😉
        But I like all forms of Ice and everywhere. On mountains, on beaches, freezing the Oceans and Rivers, on plains, anywhere and everywhere (You need not go to mountains, you can build snowmen near your house only.. 😉 )

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