Norway in the Olympics

The Olympics are now over and with Norwegian eyes it has been a great one. We beat our previous record when it commes to medals and ended up with 39 medals. 14 gold, 14 silver and 11 bronze!

In ice skating we won quite a few medals even if the Nederlands got most of the medals. One of our guys Håvard Lorentzen won 2 gold and one silver medals. He became the first person from Bergen to get a gold in the winter Olympics. And only a year ago he got so injured when he got an ice skate in his calf, that they feared for his career. One of the gold medals was in team with another Norwegian.

Norway’ s cross country relay teams did really good and got us a few gold medals. Both teams won their relays and they put in a great effort. All in all our cross country boys and girls won 14 medals.

Our mixed curling team got a bronze medal and had to come back to get it. The reason for this was that a Russian athlethe was caught in a doping control and had to give back the medal he took. This is probably not the best way to get your medal for an athlethe, and it is always sad when people cheat. The media was saying that there is a chance someone put the melodium in his drink because they wanted his wife, who is on is team and quite beautiful. I have no idea if this is anywhere near correct, but it’s all quite sad.

On a non Norway subject, I was very impressed by Esther Ledecka who got a gold medal in both alpine skiing and snowboard. That is a huge achievement, two medals in two different sports.

To sum up little Norway did really well in the winter Olympics in Peyongchang. Now it is only 4 years till next time.

19 thoughts on “Norway in the Olympics

  1. Well dome Norway. It has also been a best-ever winter games for team GB. You are definitely right about having to come back for a medal in those circumstances not being good. Hattie Archer (nee Dean) finished fourth in a 3000m steeplechase a few years ago and has since been upgraded to silver because two of those who finished ahead of her have since been identified as drug cheats and she has said that how annoyed she is at not have been able to accept her medal in the stadium at the time.

  2. It was an exciting Olympics for everyone – bravo to your country, and let’s hope that the doping issues are resolved so we no longer have that hanging over the competition…

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