I’m back

As some of you may have noticed I have had a very long break from blogging. To be honest I was very unsure if I was ever coming back. It was only recently I found myself missing it for the first time since I stopped. But after having missed it for some time now I have made the decision to come back. A lot has happened since I was last in the bloggiverse, but I’m not going to go in to that just now. Nothing special happened to make me fall out of blogging and nothing special happened to suck me back in.

I had all these grand notions that I had to tidy up all my social media before I came back, but if I sett hat as a goal I might never come back, as tidying is a task I find terribly boring and can only do a little at the time. So for now I’m just going to be content being back where I left off and be ready to start engaging in blogging again and who knows maybe I will do some tidying and such gradually some time in the future.

A week or so ago I started reading blog posts from other bloggers again, so a few of you may have noticed that I have been stopping by. I know I have missed a lot while being away, but I am looking forward to starting to interact with some of the wonderful people I met in here again.

Sometimes a break from blogging can be good. I recently read this post by the wonderful Hugh 5 things I discovered during my blogging break. But taking a break as long as I have might not be the best idea.

66 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. That was a long break. I wondered where you went. It’s nice to see you back. I read Hugh’s post too and commented, I’ve been sort of on a blogging break for some time not posting, but commenting. I finished the first draft of a book and I’m into the next phase, rewriting. Happy Blogging, πŸ“š Christine

  2. Welcome back! I always miss all nice blog friends when I don’t have time for blogging as much as I want. But it can be good with breaks sometimes too.

  3. Welcome back! Wise words. Blogging is also time consuming and it’s kind of a commitment and a job. Still happy you made it back! Greetings from Vienna, Manuela

  4. Welcome back!!

    I agree catching up with everything on social media can be exhausting! I’m glad you popped back to say hello to us all first! πŸ˜‰

  5. Welcome back. I so understand. I have been less active lately because it was starting to feel like a chore. Also I ma working hard to finish my novel. So nice to see you. The flowers are beautiful!

  6. I know of a lot of bloggers who never came back to blogging after a long blogging break (like the one you have had), so it’s nice to see somebody return after such a long break.
    I have nothing but praise for blogging breaks. I’ve taken a few, and they have always been rewarding. I always come back feeling refreshed and with lots of new ideas.
    Thank you so much for linking to my recent post about my blogging break.
    Welcome back!

    1. Thank you. I was just too busy and everything became too much, so I needed a little break that turned out to be longer than I expected! All is well with you?

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