Holiday in Crete #2: Sunset Jeepsafari

The car that we were driven in

As we have been to Crete a few times before, I always like to try something I have not done before to get a new experience. This time I signed us up to a Sunset Jeep Safari in the Cretan mountains. We were picked up at our hotel by a very friendly driver that was to be our guide for the evening and then we proceeded to pick up two other couples.


First of we drove to a Winery. There are a few small wineries in the area, but without realizing it this took us to the only one we had visited before. But we didn’t mind as it is a lovely place and I enjoy their wines. We tasted a few different wines and were served some traditional Cretan small dishes. We ended up buying a nice rose wine home with us from the gift shop.

The Winery’s gift shop

After the wine-tasting our tour continued up the mountains, and of the roads that are drivable for a normal car. I was kind of glad that I do not get car sick as some of the stretches was kind of rough. But our driver was both an excellent driver and a good tour guide.

Lovely view over the grapes and olive trees

Just before the sun was setting we got to a top of about 700 meters above sea level to get a good look at the sun going down. This was at the top of a hill where the grapes for the wines we had just tasted were grown. We also got to taste some of the grapes and I found them very tasty.

Magical Sunset

From the spot the car was parked there was a little walk further up and there was so much thyme growing there that the whole place had a very nice smell, but I was glad I was not up there hungry. We had a lovely vantage point for looking at the sun as it gradually went down behind the mountain top and to observe the lovely color change in the sky. It was quite a wonderful sight.

Sun has gone out of sight, but still colors the sky

After that we drove down to a new vantage point that was 600 meters above sea level. We had a great view of the mountains and hills around us and as the light faded after the sun had set we could see the lights from the city far away. I took a few photos on our trip, but I also got to take some time to just take in the wonderful sights.

Sun still leaves an impression on the sky, but the moon is out.

I can recommend a trip like this if you do not suffer from car sickness!

On a different note today is Election day in Norway and we are voting for local and regional representatives to rule us the next 4 years. So happy Election day to everyone voting.

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