Aalborg part 2

Tapas plate

After a while of walking around Aalborg, I got hungry and as it was up to everyone to sort them selves out for food, I decided to go have some tapas at a nice little place called Pingvinen (the Penguin). It was a very nice atmosphere, the staff was friendly and the food was good.

Cheese plate

I decided to go for a set menu for a light lunch. It had lobster soup with cognac and tails of crayfish. Smoked salmon mousse, Carpaccio of ox thigh and balsamic soaked mushrooms and confit of duck. I was very happy with the food, so I decided to have dessert at the same spot and got a lovely cheese plate. Both food and wine was well worth a taste.

Fountain outside the Monastary 

After the meal I had to walk a bit more to help digest the lovely meal. So I went to see the outside of Aalborg Monastary. It has the oldest fountain in the city outside and the Monastary itself was founded in 1431. It is a lovely old building.

Entrance to the Monastary from 1431

A visit to Aalborg should also include a visit to Aalborg’s most famous street called Jomfru Anes Gade, that translates to Virgin Anne’s Street. It is a lively street with a lot of cafes and pubs, restaurants and night clubs. In the 1990’s the street was also famous for being the hangout spot for two biker gangs that were at “war” all over Scandinavia. We did not spend too long in Aalborg so we didn’t experience what it is like at night, and I am not unhappy we didn’t. Being there in daylight was enough for me.

Jomfru Anes Gade

We were quite a lot of colleagues that gathered in one of the pubs for a beer at the end of the time we got to spend as we liked. We found one that was called the Nordjydske Embassy. It was good fun. The pub had darts, games and we enjoyed the little time we spent before the bus came to take us back to the boat.

20 thoughts on “Aalborg part 2

  1. That meal looks GREAT! I’m fascinated with local specialties and how they are presented…that plate is exactly what I would have ordered! Thanks for sharing the pics of the town as well!

  2. Finally, some more food recommendation from you.. 🙂 Thank you madam for sharing.. 😀
    May I ask about the white wine you have shown in one of your pictures? Is it traditional Danish wine?

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