Ryfast run

People warming up to run in the tunnel

Today was the day for a special run here in my home town of Stavanger. For the last years they have been working on a quite long under sea tunnel, to make it possible for people to travel without using a ferry across the fjord.

The runners getting ready to go down

All that is left before the tunnel is ready to be opened is some testing and little fixes. So a while back someone got a good idea to arrange a race in the tunnel before it opens. It was a great success and 7000 people are signed up to run a undersea half marathon today. 20 of 21 kilometers is run inside tunnels and it is quite a steep hill to start and finish.

A lot of people arrived to watch people go down the tunnel

The weather was wonderful,  not that that is the most important when you are running in a tunnel, but it was nice for me. I went for my walk to see some of the life and action around this once in a lifetime run.

Ready to run

It looked like a very well organized run and people were very happy to be part of this once in a life time run, as you should only do something like this when there is not regular traffic in the tunnel. I only saw people before the run, I did not take the ferry across to the other side to see what the people out running now thinks when they arrive at the finish line.

People on the bridge where you can see the runners

Hope you’re all enjoying a lovely Saturday.

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