Trip to Tromsø 2


The Arctic Cathedral

When I was in Tromsø, I went to see the sight of The Arctic Cathedral across the water, as it would have been dark if I had gotten to the Cathedral across the bridge. The Arctic Cathedral is really called Tromsdalen church and is build mostly out of concrete.


Miso soup starter

As I was walking I had to stop off and get some food. I decided on a sushi place called Rå (raw), the menu looked interesting and the view was wonderful as I go to look over on the cathedral. I had a local beer from the worlds northernmost brewery called Mack, and for a starter I had a miso soup to warm me up.

Lovely Sushi

I got a lovely assorted sushi dish as a main and there was plenty of sushi on the plate and it tasted amazing and it took quite some time to try to finish it all.

The Arctic Cathedral one hour later 

After the meal I waddled away around the town and went back to my hotel to load my batteries for the next working day. I got up the next day feeling quite awake and so I went for another walk to get some fresh air before going back in the office.

Morning walk

28 thoughts on “Trip to Tromsø 2

  1. Lovely pictures of Tromso, Madam..!! Good to see some Ice over there.. 😊😊❄❄❄❄❄
    By the way, people usually go to Tromso to see the Aurora Borealis. Hope you were able to see them as well.. 😊❄

      1. I agree Madam, the Aurora sighting is quite tricky. Sometimes, they are there, but one mistakes them as clouds (I did once).
        Hope you get to see them during the upcoming Winter season.. 🙂

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