Care weekend

This weekend in Norway we have something called the TV action. Every year a charity is chosen to receive money in this nationwide charity event. This year the receiver of the money is an organisation called Care. This has been an event since 1974 and is held every October. And it is all televised today.

My favorite part of this is that a radio station I like, that is part of the national broadcaster, does 100 hours radio and live stream to support the charity of the year. Their concept is that they challenge each other to do many different things if they reach the targets they set. So far all of the four people have gotten radical makeovers and have had to face their fears and we have been able to watch on the internet and listen to the radio. Quite a few Norwegian artists have been in to play live music, they have had a Harry Potter party and a lazer party, among other things. I have been catching quite a lot of it in between the things I had to do this weekend.

Candy for Halloween

I have also been preparing some packages of candy to bring over to Ireland at the end of the week. I think I enjoyed making the Halloween packages for the kids just as much as they will enjoy getting them.

Weekends really are amazing! Hope all of you has had a great weekend and that you get to do what you wanted to do.

32 thoughts on “Care weekend

  1. Maya, TV Action sounds like a lot of fun and for such a good cause too. Have a brilliant time in Ireland and your Halloween sweet parcels are adorable and will be a big hit!

  2. That’s an amazing initiative, I hadn’t heard of it before. Sounds like a great charity choice for this year too. And those packages for taking over to Ireland are so cool, when do you go? I love them so I’m sure the kids definitely will! 😄
    Caz xx

    1. I think you are very right in both, it is a good initiative and a good cause. I go on Friday and I am very much looking forward to it, hope the kids will like them. The once I have given them to here was very pleased.

  3. Hey lovely, I did leave a comment on this the other day but Akismet has been sending most of my comments straight to spam folders so you might want to check there just in case 😊xx

    1. You vere right, I found your comment in the spam folder even if it was very nice and not spammy at all 😉 I usually check my spam folder once every week, so it was greatly appreciated with a heads-up. Good luck on your Aksimet issue and have a lovely day!

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