Today was yet another long day at work, where I only had time to eat 2,5 hours after I planned to. Luckily this does not happen often. I am very much a creature of habit on most things, but when it comes to meal times, I very fast become hangry it I don’t get fed on time. First I get a bit short tempered and if it goes on for too long I become an emotional monster. It is very weird how fast these routines sneak in to our lives and rule them so much. I know for sure that my colleagues would appreciate of I do get to eat at the normal time most days, as I am much easier to deal with on a full stomach, than on an empty one. At least that is what my other half tells me.

I have always been a creature of habit, but I do notice that I get worse as the years go by. And I catch myself thinking about if it is a good thing or a bad thing and I can not decide. The meal one is a physiological reaction, if I don’t eat when I am used to my blood sugar levels go down and I get hungry and if I don’t eat then I get hangry. That is something I don’t have a problem with, but most habits are just psychological and I am not too sure about how I feel about being a slave to them. The bad habits I try to work on changing and the good ones are always worth keeping. But there are so many that are neither good or bad, they are just there. They are kind of controlling a lot of things in our lives without us even noticing.

What are your thoughts on all the little habits that control us in the everyday? Do you have many or are you more of a free spirit than me? Do you get hangry?

26 thoughts on “Habits

    1. That sounds nice Liz! We all have to find what works and I am questioning if I do what works best. But I am mostly happy when things go as planned and stay as they usually are.

  1. Habits and rituals are a way for us to have some order in our life…imagine making it ALL up every single day! Also, our bodies tell us when it’s time to replenish – and like a small child, will continue to annoy us until we take care of them!

  2. I don’t get hangry, I have no issues even if I don’t see the food for several hours. But I get tempted to take delicious-looking food even when I’m not hungry. 🙂 I really want to stop such mindless eating.

  3. Eating to fuel the body isn’t a habit. More of a necessity. You wouldn’t try to push a car down the road on an empty gas tank, would you? I make sure to always have something available for good fuel if I know a meal may not come on time. Nuts in your desk or even some kind of protein bar. My sister and niece start barking at people around them is they don’t eat on time. It’s not you, it’s blood sugar. You know that already. It happens to all of us. Other habits are good for us. Brushing your teeth every day twice, your hair, bathing. We make them habitual like getting exercise. Bad habits, well, I could write a book on those. 😉 Hope your week gets more mellow.

    1. I always have some food around in case, but sometimes I don’t have the chance to eat it. My week is going better now. Hope yours is going well to and happy thanksgiving week.

  4. Yes to habits and getting more set in them as I get older. I find certain habits & routines *comforting* and rely on them. On the other hand, like you I wonder if I’m too reliant on habits; I don’t want to be unable to adapt if necessary. I DO prioritize food, always – it’s for the best for all concerned!😊 And sleep.

  5. I have the same problems with low sugar levels…getting haaaangry 🙂 Try a keto/low carb diet and you won’t believe how your behavior changes around food! But I never last long with these food changes because I like Pizza and Pasta too much, haha!

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