Small update from me

Fouintain in Oslo

I have been more quiet than planned lately as I started the Year by getting ill. That put me out of action for over a week, but as it usually goes this to passed and I feel a lot better and able to work on the goals I have for 2020. I am still a little tired, but no large complaints.

When I started getting better it was time to do a weekend of rehersals with the band that I am joining for the Norwegian Brass Band Championship in february. So last weekend I spent most of my time with the others in the band rehearsing as much as we could. I did not have much energy left after the full days in the weekend and so I have not been as active here as I would have liked to be. The piece of music is comming on nicely, but there is still a while to go yet.

Tuesday evening I got on a plane to Oslo for work and this is where I will be hanging out untill late Thursday. It will be mostly work, but I hope to get a walk in after eating today. I really need to clear my head after a long and tiering, but good day at the office.

Hope 2020 have started great for all you lovely people out there.

26 thoughts on “Small update from me

  1. Hope you get your energy back soon and that you get that walk in, because there is nothing like just going for a walk. It certainly can clear the head too.

      1. Yes. I have found at times it’s nice to go at the end of the day. Several trips planned this year as shared on my blog recently. But I am looking forward to the two new places I have not been before; West Midlands Safari Park and Stonehenge.

  2. Be careful that you don’t wear yourself out. While it is fun to be busy you mustn’t forget to rest well.
    I wish I still played trombone so I could be in a brass band. That sounds like so much fun! My guitar will have to do, though.

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