At the summer house

View from a walk

This long weekend I have finally got to spend at our summer house with my mother. We drove in after work on Thursday, and it was lovely getting away for a little while.

Out walking

The weather has been very lovely and I got to go on some good walks and enjoyed the wonderful scenery. A few of them where quite long and I really enjoyed them. And the feeling of the sun warming my face while looking down at the sea is amazing.


And after my walks I got the opportunity to sit down outside and enjoying a cold refreshing beer. I ate lovely food and relaxed and enjoyed.

Enjoying a beer outside

It was not all sunshine and enjoyment, there was a few incidents. There was some issues with the electrics and the toilet the first night, but after a bit of work and fixing it worked for the rest of the trip. The second night I had read two good books and then I was lying awake a while not being able sleep. After a while sleep came and all should be good. But when I slept a wasp had decided to land on my pillow and stung me on my had when I rolled over in my sleep. It was quite painful and also it shook me up a bit, so going back to sleep proved to be a bit difficult.

A lovely sunset

A part from those little incidents it was all an excellent trip and it was wonderful to finally get away to somewhere else after having been in my house. Now I am back home chilling on my sofa waiting for a wonderful pizza to be delivered.

Hope you’re all doing well.

25 thoughts on “At the summer house

  1. Really enjoyed reading how you enjoyed. Sorry for the sting. 🙂
    I’d really appreciate if you follow my really young blog too…

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