Summer blur

The last few weeks have gone by very fast. But it is summer and that seems to be the way of the season. Last weekend the weather was quite nice so we spent the Friday evening sitting on an outdoor serving enjoying beer and some lovely food, from I finished work and til the sun started to go down. We met quite a few people that we had not seen in a while and it was a very enjoyable afternoon/evening.

Saturday I got up and took a little stroll to the art museum that is close to where I live. I got a nice cup of coffee and sat outside and just enjoyed my coffee, the sunshine and the nice view. It started raining in the evening and I spent that bringing some take away to my mother who had to work the weekend. Sunday I spent doing things around the house and making my first attempt on making pulled pork and steam buns. I thought it turned out quite good.

On Monday I started a new temporary role at my office, due to Covid some of the departments have a lot more to do these days and some have less, so some rotating is necessary. It has been both strange and nice to be the new person in my position having to ask others no longer being the one people come to for help. But I thing it will be good to stay there and learn new stuff till Easter.

Yesterday was also lovely and warm, so I spent the afternoon enjoying the warmth in the garden. I also decided to make the most of the warm weather and the drying it offers so I am washing the pillows and duvets and all the bed sheets. Today is also a day to try to catch up with some small jobs around the house as the rain has decided to make an appearance and today is a small birthday dinner for my mother.

How is summer treating you?

37 thoughts on “Summer blur

  1. That pulled pork dish looks good, Maja πŸ‘
    UK is having another heatwave and tourists are flooding the seaside towns again, with little or no social distancing, so the locals are worried and not venturing out.

    1. It was tasty. Here we have more contamination due to people traveling. And they are closing pubs at midnight for a while and hope that people will stop having too many parties where there are too many people and too much alcohol. Hope people don’t end up sick

    2. That’s like us in Southampton. I grew up in Bournemouth but have no desire to go anywhere that has hoardes of people.
      It’s really sticky today and neighbours have decided to have a party in the back garden which is annoying, so it’s either sit indoors or put up with a constant “thump thump thump” and loud voices unfortunately.

  2. A nice weekend underway for you to be sure! Here in Los Angeles the weather is touching 80, so it’s a day to relax outside and stay socially distant!

  3. The pulled pork does look good. After months of keeping to ourselves, first during lockdown and then just trying to stay safe and away from other people, it’s starting to tell now and we are eager to get out and take some country walks while the weather is still nice. You can only stay at home and isolated for so long. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you, it was quite good. Country walks are a lovely activity in the current times. I am happy to have nature just outside my door and that it is is possible to go outside and stay socialy distant. Stay safe and well.

  4. Gratulerer med dagen til moren din! (Did I say that right?). I suspect she is younger than I. The days are getting shorter now. Enjoy the lingering warmth of the sun.

  5. Hi. Good to hear that you spent your summer well. This year is the only year that we didn’t experience summer due to pandemic.. No leisure for the meantime for safety purposes. And we stayed at home..😊

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