Weekend vibes

As I mentioned in my post yesterday this weekend started with going out for a few drinks because a good colleague was leaving. And on Saturday I got up and went in to town to meet up with a friend and her 6 month old baby. We went to a lunch restaurant I quite like called Deja’vu. I tried their snow crab salad and it was amazing.

As the weather was nice we went on to grab a frappuchino from Starbucks and went to a new pallet park that they have made in town to enjoy the sunshine. I had only walked past this little park a few times before, but it was a nice place to sit and a good place for kids to run around and play.

After we had sat there enjoyed our coffee and chatted a while I went to a bakery that has just opened close to the pallet park called “bak til livet” meaning “bake to life” and it is a bakery that helps people who have struggled with different tings to come back to work in a good way. And they have some wonderful baked goods, their sourdough bread rolls are amazing.

When I got back home I had promised to give my other half a haircut. I am not very good but after the pandemic hit I have got quite a lot better. We can go to hairdressers here now, but we have to book in advance and this is apparently too much hassle for my man, so he is happy enough to let my unskilled hands cut off his hair. I am glad I have gotten better, because I have to go next to him next weekend when we go on holiday. The rest of the day was used to chill, enjoy the weather and do some things that was needed around the house.

Today is a lovely warm, but overcast day so a part from a walk around a lake close by, with a long stop for a waffle and a cup of coffee, it has been mostly just chilling.

Hope your weekend has been a good one and that the week ahead will treat you well.

20 thoughts on “Weekend vibes

  1. A perfect weekend! I love the looks of the waffle and haha, it’s fun playing hairdressers, isn’t it?😀! I’ve cut my husband’s a couple of times already and he insists it’s better than the hairdressers – or he’s just not that keen on going there yet?!

  2. What a nice day! Your salad looks amazing and that bakery is inspiring. I would love to get bread from them and support their cause. Also, well done on haircutting. I would not have the courage to do that myself!

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