Road trip 6: More Maihaugen

In the previous post I shared some photos from the Rural collection of Maihaugen, today I will share a little bit from the other two collections.

The town at Maihaugen is modeled after a typical town in the early 1900’s in the inland of Norway. The high street has flats, back yards, shops and workshops. The environments give an insight into the lives and living conditions of people from different parts of society.

Here again one can normally go in to most of the shops, but due to covid and us arriving there a little late, we could only see through the windows. The hens where walking around in the back yards and the rabbits were in their cages. High season there are many activities and things happening here, mostly for the children to see how people lived. All that could go on with social distancing and was covid safe went on this summer as well, as most of it was outdoors.

Close to town is also the Residential area a collection of d detached houses representing the various decades of the 1900’s. Here you can see the development of home standards and family life. It is quite interesting to see the houses from the different decades and learning a lot more about how life has developed.

You can read more about the houses in the collection on the website that I linked to above. One of the houses they have in the collection is Sonja Queen of Norway’s childhood home.

At the edge of the Open air museum there is also the postal museum. We did not go in, but enjoyed the display of different cars used to get the post around in different times. There is also a little train station close by.

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