Road trip 9: Geilo

Geilo Hotel

The destination of the day was Geilo in Hol in Hallingdal. A small town that is best known for skiing in the long winter season and hiking when the snow is gone.

Ski lift up the Mountain

We wanted to take a zip line that goes down a long ski slope, but again, going on holiday when school is back means that you don’t have to queue, but also that some things are not available outside of weekends. So we did not get to go on the gondola and take the zip line this time.

Geilo City center

We did go for a stroll down to the small center of town, where there are a lot of sports shops! We also found a Balkan restaurant that served us very nice food. If we had been up for more sporty activities than strolling we could have gone for rafting, paddling or go cart, but just a quiet stroll to stretch the legs after many hours in the car was good enough for us.

Lovely turkish food

The train from Bergen to Oslo goes through Geilo and it is situated roughly between the two largest cities in Norway. We spent the rest of the evening enjoying the lovely scenery from our hotel bar, just having a nice quiet time.

Enjoying the evening

The hotel we stayed at was called Geilo Hotell and it has been around since 1880, and they had kept a lot of the old style, but the hotel was nicely done up to be quite modern and comfortable in 2015. And the view from the restaurant was really lovely, so we got to enjoy our breakfast with a view as did all the people there that was clearly going to spend their day hiking one of the mountains.

Ski lodge feel

As we did for all of the journey we went to bed relatively early after a full day and woke up quite early and I got a small walk in the brisk morning air. As it was around 2 degrees in the air, but sunny, it was very refreshing and it is always good to move about a little to get the body started for a new day.

Morning view

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