Road trip 11: Vøringsfossen

On our way over Hardangervidda, our main stop was by a Waterfall called Vøringsfossen. The name is derived from the old norse verb vyrða, that means esteem/revere, and fossen that means waterfall.

It has a total drop of 182 metres (597 ft), and a major drop of 163 metres (535 ft). It is perhaps the most famous in the country and a major tourist attraction on the way down from Hardangervidda to Hardangerfjord.

There are many nice spots to get a good look at the waterfall, with fences to prevent people falling down. This year they also built a pedestrian bridge across, with an amazing view. The bridge had not been up long when we were there and we really enjoyed going for a little walk checking out the viewing points and the new bridge and we got ourselves a wonderful walk.

The weather was lovely, so we went to the restaurant at the hotel that overlooks the waterfall and got some nice sandwiches and had lunch outside on a nice bench with a magnificent view.

33 thoughts on “Road trip 11: Vøringsfossen

  1. I grew up 2 miles away from a waterfall in Minneapolis and we would visit it frequently. I love the sound of the water rushing. The smell of the water droplets in the air is uplifting. I’d love the view from the restaurant, but the bridge is Not for me! 😉 Rebecca

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