Tuesday blues

Due to some possible, but unlikely contamination of someone close to me. I have isolated in my brother’s apartment just to be on the safe side, as there is no one else here at the moment. I feel lucky to have somewhere to go even if it is probably not needed. We are awaiting the results of the test they took this morning. The weather has been quite nice so far today, but with there having been snow, then rain and then the temperatures dropped to minus 6 again, it is very icy out. But I had to get some air, so I ventured out in the fresh air for a little bit to not stay cooped up all day. Then it started snowing, so the walk was a bit short. There were almost no one out, and that made it easy to avoid people. I did not have my usual series on the TV here and I preferred the large screen to looking at something on the laptop, so I decided to use the evenings watching a mini-series called “The Five”. It was very interesting, and I had not been watching crime series for a while, even if I have been staring at a screening more than I usually do these days. “The Five” is classified as a mystery series and it is made by the author Harlan Coben. It is about a boy called Jesse who went missing 20 years ago and his DNA turns up at a crime scene.

28 thoughts on “Tuesday blues

  1. It is better to be safe and isolated for the days it takes than to run a risk of having this horrible virus. My wife takes a test 3X each week for work, doesn’t go anywhere, and still worries…here’s to positive developments in the fight…hang in there!

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