It’s Friday! And I am soooooooo happy about it. It is raining at the moment and the storm Frank is still making sure that the weather is not so great. But I do prefer this to the very slippery conditions we have had earlier this week. With the melting of the snow and a little rain in the daytime combined badly with frosty nights. And one of the days I had to wait until the sun had come out to be able to drive the car out of the driveway. It was just slippery to get out. And all the shops where out of salt and sand to make sure that the driveway was not unsafe. I had a small slip, and was lucky to get away with just a bruise on my hand.

This week has also been a bit slow at work. We usually have some workers at the office and some at home, but this week, at Tuesday we were all called to not come in and all stay home so they could wash down the office. I look forward to going back in on Monday as the work I am doing at the moment is easier to do from the office. So I do feel like I have not been able to be as efficient as I wanted. At the start of the pandemic, I loved the home office. But then my work changed and it was easier to do from the office. There is no point complaining as I am lucky to be able to go back from Monday. I must say that I do feel very safe at the office. We are not too many in at the same time and sit more than two meters apart and there is clean and loads of possibilities to wash hands or sanitize them.

Sorry, I just had to

After a little bit of an unexpected week, weekend is always very welcome. I have plans to finally get around to some of the little things I have on my list to sort. But this evening it will be “Stranger Things” on the screen, a chilled beer in my glass and some good take away pizza form one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Then early to bed and a nice sleep in. Ah, the luxury!

What are your plans for this weekend?

11 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Sounds like a great start to the weekend…we actually may’ve a bit of rain here in Los Angeles so will be catching up on a few movies…and episode of “Derry Girls”!

  2. Be extra careful on that ice. I almost slid one morning when walking. You can’t see the ice. Have a great weekend. Mine will be quite boring for a young person. Reading, writing and sewing.

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