Easter and progress

Easter turned out quite good, but not as planned. We got quite a lot done in the new house. And then I drove out to see my mother at our summerhouse. As soon as I had arrived, we got news that someone close to us was in hospital. With the restrictions we could not go to visit anyway, but it felt a bit odd to be so far away. The weather forecast for the day said it was to be raining a lot, but it got updated to a snowstorm. So, we left the summerhouse to go back to town before the weather got too bad and it felt more right to be the closer to the hospital, just in case.

Easter candles and brunch

I stayed at my mother’s house for the night and we had our Easter-trip there. She made a lovely lamb roast, had some nice red wine, we ate easter candy and watched some Easter crime on TV.

The next day we had a lazy morning. We got worried that our relative was a little bit better. And that made our brunch a little bit nicer. We got a little bit more done in the house and then we took my mother out for a nice dinner in the center of town, just to get out and about a bit. The snowstorm lasted quite a while and it was still snowing on the Tuesday.

Rain and wind

Tuesday was also the first day back, for me, in my old job. For nine months I have been working fir a different department because of the change in the workload due to Covid. It is still quiet so the new pace will take some getting used to. In the evening I got my new carpets for my stairs, so I am very much looking forward to the paint drying completely so I can put them on.  I spent some time hunting down more paint for the Livingroom as many places was sold out over Easter. We are moving forward with baby steps.

Snow storm

Wednesday we got a little bit more done on the house, but not as much as we wanted. There was also an annual meeting with my band. Even if we can’t meet for rehearsals these days, we meet every Wednesday for a Kahoot quiz and this time for a meeting as well.

How is the week progressing for you and how was your Easter?

24 thoughts on “Easter and progress

  1. I love you photo of the snow storm with the street lights. Its good to hear that things are progressing for you. That’s always a good feeling. Despite it being early spring here our weather has been more like summer and we have been able to get some outdoors work done. Have a great day!

  2. Easter was good for us. We visited our sons by phone and Skype and managed a socially distant visit with friends in another town. We, too have someone in hospital but 1300 km away and due to the pandemic, there is little point in travelling. Easter dinner was on our own, but delicious and we managed some walks and a bike ride, so all in all not bad. Stay well. Allan

  3. Hope your relative improves…worst time ever to have to deal with the medical system….my wife and I got our Johnson & Johnson shot so we are vaccinated, but will still mask up and stay socially distant to help tamp down the resurgence that has taken off here in parts of the country where lies and distortion have turned minds very ugly…sorry to end on that note – my wife and I also had a Lamb roast for Easter so there’s that!

  4. Lovely you had a nice Easter. Like you, I ate Easter candy. So delicious. Had lunch with the family too. But really, it was mostly eating Easter candy 🙂

  5. my easter was good! I spent it with my parents, this week has also been good. I am busy and the weather here in ireland isnice and dry and warm. xoxo

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