Rounding up the week

The week started by bringing warm temperatures and sunshine. But also with big deadlines at work, so not too much time to take full advantage of it. It feels a shame to be stuck indoors when it is so lovely outside, but at the same time I am lucky to have a job to go to.

We had a plumber come in on Tuesday, so now I can finally use my washing machine again. And that same day we got a very big delivery from IKEA with a lot of stuff that we will have to be assembled at some point.

On Wednesday I was also staying late at work, but when I left we got to have our first practice with my band this year. We don’t have many rehearsals left before summer holidays. But it felt very nice to be able to sit together and play, even if the seats are far apart.

Thursday, I got a few small errands in town after work. Then my other half and me went for a lovely walk before I got some cooking, tidying and cloths washing done. I also got to catch up on some podcasts and blog posts. I hope I will have more time for this over the weekend.

Friday was a bit hazy, but I did manage to enjoy the lovely very warm weather. I watched silly Eurovision movie on Netflix and then went to bed early. Saturday I had a nice sleep in, I had a long breakfast with podcasts and reading blog posts and then it was time to do some tidying, walking, washing clothes and shopping. I made sure to get a few breaks to write and enjoy some coffee in between.

Today is Sunday and I have quite a few things on my list for doing today, but i still think it will be a good day.

How has your weekend treated you?

13 thoughts on “Rounding up the week

  1. Weekend cool and drizzle made it the perfect time to rest after our 2nd Covid shot. The rain is badly needed so no complaints here. Have a good week. Allan

  2. I have to call mine a winner. I did a few chores I’ve been putting off, but mostly I moved my current story toward the conclusion. It feels pretty darned good.

  3. What a great week you had! Nice to have music playing again! It was a weekend of celebration here in Los Angeles, with far too much celebrating….now, time to cleanse!

  4. I had a pretty bad weekend, I’m really struggling with my mental health at the moment. I’m taking it easy tonight, relaxing and catching up on blogs I follow. xoxo

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