Another new week

Last Saturday I went out to a beach to watch my brother run a half marathon. The weather was quite good when they started, and they ran past us a couple of times. While waiting for them to get back I sat down in the café at the Hotel where the finish was and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee. The wind increased as the race went on so the times of those who ran was not as good as they hoped but it was a good day for a run. For those that enjoy that sort of thing.

As I announced at the start of the month, I have set myself a goal to post one new post every day in June. So far it has gone quite well, I have managed to keep it up, even if it has been a bit challenging a few times. I do really feel that this goal is good for me and pushes me to do more writing. I don’t think I could keep it up every day of the year, but I might try this once more this year. Hopefully you have found some posts that interest you. I hope that I can keep it up the last few day of the month.

A new week has now begun, and this week looks like it might be a little bit quieter than the previous ones. But I realize that I might have jinxed it by putting it in writing.  My plan outside of work is to get some of the furniture that are now in boxes to get unpacked and assembled. I also hope that I can find the time to watch a good amount of football. But as we all know life tends to make mockery of plans. So, we will just see what happens as it happens.

What are your plans of the week?

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