Technical issues

Random photo of nice food

Sorry, today’s post is being published a little bit late and it was not the post I intended. I have been experiencing some issues, that I would like to call technical issues, but they are more my own incompetence than anything else.

I am in the process of changing my phone, it has been quite smooth really, but all of a sudden I could not find out where all my photos from last year and older had gone. So I had to go looking, after way too much time I found them. Happy and contented I brought up a post I had been working on a little bit and as I was going to upload some photos I accidentally deleted what I had written.

I then managed to post a post that just had a photo of a Facebook post on my screen, that I have hopefully managed to delete. I do think this means that I need to go to bed, so that is what I will do next.

Hope you are all doing better than me (I am fine, just need to go to bed).

37 thoughts on “Technical issues

  1. Some days WP seems glitchier, I agree. Today using the backspace key I exited the post I was working on 3 times inadvertently! Fortunately my changes had been saved. Hope your troubles clear up after your rest.

  2. I often have technical issues with computers and phones. It is definitely because of incompetence and general lack of understanding. Yours is just a minor setback, I am sure.

  3. The food looks delicious anyway, Maja! I hope you get the photo issue sorted out. I hope that you offload all your photos to an external storage source just in case.

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