Hi all,

I am in fact still alive and kicking. But I have been very busy and a bit stressed lately. In addition to being a very busy time of year in general I have been traveling a bit both with work and privately. Hopefully I will have some time to update you more on this soon.

As if things was not busy enough now, I decided that I wanted to buy a bigger place and I have put my beloved little appartment up for sale. Had I fully realize how much work this would be I’m not sure I would have done it.  For those who want to see where I live here is a link to the add.

Hope all that all of you are doing well.


Great Weekend and Ireland Again!

This extended weekend I’ve had after my last day at work, has been really good. Thursday we went for dinner at my parents and started the long overdue process of defrosting the freezer. Friday I treated myself to a massage and after that we headed for the summer-house to fix a little problem with the roof so that it will stay dry inside for the winter. We stayed till yesterday evening and enjoyed the lovely autumn weather we were getting.

Lovely October morning!

Lovely October morning!

And since I decided to have some time off to regroup between jobs, I found the time to go for a quick visit to Ireland! I’m leaving Tuesday morning and will go back saturday morning to get ready for work the following monday. But a short visit is much better than no visit.

If you’re wondering what I get up to in Ireland here is some clues from my trip last autumn:

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My first time in Ireland outside of Dublin last summer is recapped in the four posts Holiday in Ireland:

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And last, but not least I visited Ireland earlier this year as well Easter in Ireland:

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